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Undercover Census Fraud Investigation – Lousiana

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2010 Census supervisors in Lousiana systematically encourage employees to commit payroll fraud in the 2010 Census and shine light on hiring practices Song “That Day” Used with Permission Copyright 2009 Anthony Dini Music

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From the office of Minority Leader Boehner:

Losing Their Census: Obama Administration Already Distorting May Job Figures

Experts Say Overwhelming Majority of May Job Growth Fueled By Temporary, Taxpayer-Funded Census Workers

Washington, Jun 2 - This Friday, the Labor Department will release its monthly jobs report, which is expected to show an increase in U.S. employment.  How much of an increase depends once again on the amount of temporary, taxpayer-funded workers hired to conduct the 2010 Census.  Both President Obama and Vice President Biden have already begun touting the report while failing to acknowledge that, according to one economist’s estimate, more than 400,000 of the new jobs are temporary government jobs sparked by the once-a-decade Census. This means that, according to this estimate, roughly three out of every four new jobs created in the month of May went to temporary, taxpayer-funded Census workers.

But that trend won’t last long.  As the U.S. Census has itself documented, census hiring peaked during the first week of May (at 585,729 workers) – up from just 127,412 workers during the first week of April.  However, the Census expects that number to decline rapidly in the coming months.

A recent report by Action Economics has more:

The climb to a May peak should be quickly reversed by yearend, and generally hiring levels fall by nearly half in June and a little more than half by July. Given an assumed 250,000 drop in Census hirings in June, the next payroll figure after the May report should reverse into negative territory; our estimate calls for a 100,000 decline in payrolls in June, which will toss some cold water on enthusiasm associated with the May increase.

“Overall, the May payroll report should benefit from a hefty Census boost, though beyond this distortion the labor market continues to mend only slowly, and we assume that a lean May private-payroll gain will reverse some of the enthusiasm following the surprisingly large private-payroll gains in March and April.”

This rapid growth in temporary, taxpayer-funded jobs will provide little relief for the 9.9 percent of unemployed American workers: in fact, experts maintain that the end of the Census hiring spike will put “upward pressure on the unemployment rate,” which could exceed 10 percent again by this fall.

This is a far cry from President Obama’s promise that the trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ would create millions of new jobs and keep unemployment below eight percent.  Now, the Administration is relying on hundreds of thousands of taxpayer-funded temps to make the case that its out-of-control spending and job-killing policies are working when clearly they are not.

By failing to propose a budget, Democrats are missing a critical opportunity to provide the fiscal discipline economists say is needed to create jobs and grow our economy.  Republicans have proposed better solutions to cut spending now and put people back to work.

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