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Daily Archives: Jul 21, 2011

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Eric Erickson and Donald Trump sit down for a one-on-one interview for Human Events: [youtube]

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Landscape: Democrats Defending 2006 Gains; Republicans Focus on Top-Tier Recruiting With less than 16 months to go, the National Republican Senatorial Committee sees opportunities in...

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Orginally posted at Media Freedom by Mike Wendy on July 20, 2011 Today, Senator Herb Kohl, Chairman of the Senate’s Subcommittee on Antitrust, came out...

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This ad is running in various media markets across the country, refocussing the debate on immigration to the numbers. As the ad says, our...

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1. The Senate leaders from both parties and President Obama will coalesce around the Gang of Six deal based on the recommendations of the...

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“DON’T PUT THAT ON THE APPLICATION,” says the Medicaid official in Richmond, VA after a man posing as a wealthy drug dealer says he...

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Cable Anchors Wildly Distort Ronald Reagan's Position on Taxes and Liken Him to Barack Obama Alexandria, VA – “At least five MSNBC anchors since Tuesday...

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A doctored GAO report; the campaign to continue to discredit for-profit colleges; and scandals surrounding the Department of Education’s newly created “gainful employment” regulations,...

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From The White House and House Republican leaders are discussing a large deal to raise the debt ceiling that would include about $3 trillion...

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MSNBC's Chuck Todd: How Will Obama Team Spin Obama Referendum "Gaffe"? [youtube]