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Daily Archives: Mar 30, 2012

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Jerry Brown pushes a "Hydrogen Highway" forcing automakers to sell hydrogen powered vehicles even though there's no consumer demand. Taxpayers and oil companies are...

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President Obama vowed to make top income earners and small businesses pay their "fair share." What exactly is a "fair share?' [youtube]

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$5 For Foley Fridays As you may know, I’m running for Congress in the newly redrawn and open congressional seat here in California’s district 47. Although...

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From National Review:   Elizabeth Warren would be a catastrophe in the Senate, but she is hell on wheels when it comes to directing human traffic,...

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From the Las Vegas Sun: Sen. Dean Heller is opposing Clark County District Court Judge Elissa Cadish for a federal appointment (she was tabbed by...

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NEW YORK—Natural-gas futures plunged 5.8% to a fresh 10-year low Thursday after the U.S. government reported a larger-than-expected increase in natural-gas inventories, as demand...

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The Google search bar saves you the step of opening a new window or tab to search for something, should you endeavor to copy...