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Daily Archives: Apr 27, 2012

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Obamacare promised a healthcare utopia with low cost insurance and better care for everyone. It will fail at both. Costs will rise and the...

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Debbie Stabenow and the Democrat-led U.S. Senate have failed to pass a budget for three years [youtube]

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Originally posted at The Foundry by Mike Brownfield You know a politician is looking for applause when he speaks in front of a crowd of...

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Summary: Canonical’s latest Linux distribution, Ubuntu 12.04, is now available for your home and office and it’s a winner. The wait is over. The final...

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Perfect Bead Blue-dyed water droplets sitting on a transparent nanotaper surface (left) and on flat glass (right), each placed on top of printed black...

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Say your overall cash-flow situation is good, but you need to cover a short-term deficit over the next few months. In today's still-strict credit...

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When Google finally announced its shiny new cloud-based Drive service, many people will have been glad to see an extra bit of storage tacked...