#NVSen: Embattled Rep. Berkley Travels To Washoe, But Refuses To Discuss Her Failed Economic Record

#NVSen: Embattled Rep. Berkley Travels To Washoe, But Refuses To Discuss Her Failed Economic Record

 WASHINGTON – After telling the people of Northern Nevada that she had her hands full representing Clark County and only wants to represent urban Las Vegas, today embattled Congresswoman Shelley Berkley travels to Washoe County.

Rather than explaining why she followed Nancy Pelosi’s orders and voted for the failed $825 billion stimulus or President Obama’s job-killing healthcare law, Berkley will take Harry Reid’s talking points and attempt to paint Senator Dean Heller as “anti-women.”

Remarkably, Berkley doesn’t even believe her own rhetoric because she recently told the Associated Press that Senator Heller (R-Carson City) is not anti-women.
“After ignoring Northern Nevada for over a decade because she claimed that she was too busy looking out for herself and her Las Vegas constituents embattled Congresswoman Berkley has decided to venture into Washoe County,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Jahan Wilcox.  “Rather than attacking Senator Heller, Berkley ought to tell these Nevadans why she joined Nancy Pelosi in voting for the failed stimulus and Obamacare.”


Berkley Has Consistently Insulted Northern Nevada


ROLL CALL:  Berkley insulted Nevada’s rural counties and one of its most important industries saying, “I have my hands full down here…I don’t think I have to be traipsing up to Carlin to look at your mines when I have so many needs (in Clark County).”  (John Mercurio, “Between the Lines,” Roll Call, Jan. 29, 2001)

REVIEW-JOURNAL:  She also lobbied against representing the rural areas, saying she only wants to represent urban Las Vegas: “Speaking so bluntly she insulted at least one rural lawmaker, Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev., told legislators Monday she doesn’t want her district redrawn to include rural areas….Berkley wants to represent only urban Las Vegas, also opposing any thought of her district encompassing the suburbs.”  (Jane Ann Morrison, “Berkley: ‘Hands full’ with urban issues,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, Jan. 23, 2001)

And Now She’s Coming Up To Northern Nevada To Deliver An Attack On Dean Heller That She Herself Admits Isn’t True

ASSOCIATED PRESS:  Berkley admitted Dean Heller was not anti-women during a conference call with reporters:  “Pressed about her comments Wednesday, Berkley conceded that she doesn’t really think Heller has voted the way he has because he is anti-women.” (Cristina Silva, “Berkley compares Heller to Limbaugh in Nevada race,” Associated Press, March 8, 2012.)

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