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Daily Archives: May 30, 2012

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Last week, Meghan McCain--who, for better or worse, has become a player in the game of politics--went on Al Sharpton's unwatchable show on MSNBC...

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The White House is resisting Poland's demands for an apology for President Obama's recent gaffe, which occurred, ironically enough, during an awards ceremony honoring...

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Well “Everybody Write about Brett Kimberlin day” has come and gone and there have been some interesting developments since then: Item: Hundreds of bloggers wrote...

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Discovery News - UNDERWAY ON THE U.S.S. MISSISSIPPI — The Navy’s newest fast-attack submarine is speeding down the Florida coast, on its way to its...

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CNET -   The good: The Samsung Chromebox offers an attractive, low-risk entry point to the experimental world of Google's Chrome OS.   The bad: Absent features and...