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Monthly Archives: December 2012

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Don't, for one second, be fooled by these insincere, vicious lying-liberal-gun-grabbers... They Want All of Your Guns!!! [youtube]

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As health care becomes an increasingly debated topic, it is critically important for every American to understand the impact of Obamacare. The Heritage Foundation’s...

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by Chuck Muth In a guest column titled “Fundamental rights must be limited,” published by the Las Vegas Review-Journal on December 26, former Nevada Attorney...

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Cliff Notes: The Price of Politics After months of warning Americans of the devastating economic consequences of going off the cliff, all we’ve seen from...

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On Friday the White House and Congressional leaders agreed that the Senate must now act to avoid going over the fiscal cliff and that...

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A photo compilation of some of the biggest news stories of 2012. To view the photos, click here.

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  Another Christmas, another fiscal drama in Washington DC. Will we know what our taxes will be come 2013? Will middle class taxpayers get another...

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  GM has announced plans to finish a $5.5 billion buyback of stock currently owned by the U.S. Treasury ((The Wall Street Journal). The purchase...

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In case you missed it, a D.C. federal appeals court judge ordered the Obama Administration to fulfill its promise of publishing a new rule...

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Coalition Calls for President Obama to Keep Gitmo Open -- and Keep Its Detainees Confined There (Washington, D.C.): The Coalition for Security, Liberty and the...