NY Thug Picks Fight With Wrong Trucker, Gets Beating Of A...

[WATCH] NY Thug Picks Fight With Wrong Trucker, Gets Beating Of A Lifetime

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***Language Warning***

A New York City thug found himself in a typical situation of talking trash to a passerby.  Although it’s unclear what caused the two men in this video to start up a “conversation” one thing is for sure…it didn’t end well for the wannabe gangster guy.  With all that tough talk, you would think he could back it up with some MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting skills, instead he hit the ground hard at the pounding of this Arizona truck driver.

I can already hear the echoes of racism coming from the left as this footage circulates the internet.  The fact still remains, if you’re going to act tough, talk tough, and think someone else is going to take it…you’re wrong.  Watch as this pseudo city thug gets what he least expects.

  • Beallthere

    Where do you get ‘trucker’ ?

  • MMG

    I’m white a Conservative Republican and I am an expert in reading body language. I can tell you….the black dude was DEFINITELY scared of these two white guys the minute the camera began rolling. The video does not show what started the confrontation in the first place. Also, the black man declared repeatedly, “I’m by myself”! He also shouted “suck my dick” repeatedly…which means “Fuck you” similar to the milder version “kiss my ass” or “go to hell”. Yes his fist made contact first…..but it appears that is EXACTLY what the white guys wanted. I did not here the white guys say ” get out of here” or “back off”. At the beginning of the video the black CLEARLY says “Back up off me dude”. Those two white guys were on their turf talking shit to an “out of towner” therefore had the upper hand in more ways then one….Also, when the black guys arms and hand were clearly bound by his sweatshirt how could he possibly be a threat to these two guys? Thankfully, the guy at the end of the video shouted THAT’S ENOUGH GET OFF HIM YOU WON! The white guy is a danger to society because he obviously does not have self control. I think he would have beat that black man to death had someone not stepped in.

  • K R

    Hey hey now let’s keep it straight NYC. We don’t like them in upstate ither we have a saying locals only. Scum bags come to the prisons upstate and bring all their NYC trash problems with em. They need to devide the state.

  • Mike Gilmer

    Loved it!

  • Lisa Hawks

    that was sooooo great. He got what he deserved the little thug

  • Jay Newton-Thomas

    Nobody should applaud any of the actions in this video. You don’t try to kill a man for his words. Even if he pushes you to fight – you don’t keep pounding him without regard for his life. I hope the truck driver was arrested for this. It is a crime, not self-defense.