Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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A former U.S.Marine, he is the Creator of The Minority Report Network. He is also the Founder and Managing Editor of the Network’s flagship site,, Former Director of New Media for, Former Director of New Media for Liberty First PAC, and the Former Chief Managing Editor of Steve is a well respected national conservative blogger who’s dedicated the past several years of his life advancing conservatism online. Recently Steve was instrumental in the development of, Liberty First PAC, The Patriot Caucus, the national campaign trail and grassroots news

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State Dept Unable To Name One Accomplishment From A Clinton-Run Initiative (April 22, 2014)  

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Words just can not explain...  


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Is there a war on women? Really? If so, who's waging it? We are being fed a stream of lies about the Republicans waging...

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AFP State Director David Spady addresses the Tax Day Rally on the steps of the California Capitol.  

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The Gay Gestapo has made a big-time move in California. If you're a judge in that state and you happen to be a fan...

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Gail Heriot, Professor of Law at the University of San Diego and member of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission: "This was expected.  It is...

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Good news for Earth Day: We can boost energy production and economic growth without harming the environment! Thanks to years of empty promises from the...


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  NYPD Panders to Politics   You would expect that officials who serve one of our nation’s biggest terror targets, New York City, would set the example...