Friday, October 31, 2014
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Retired from American Airlines after a 34 year career in corporate treasury management. Professional income tax preparer. Graduate of Georgetown University (BS Foreign Service) and The University of Texas at Arlington (MBA). Contributor to TMR since 2007. Host of "Italian Tomatoes" show on Blog Talk Radio. I am a center-right Republican with a passion for business, history and current affairs. Visit my radio show page on Facebook! (Or go directly to Blog Talk Radio to listen to My latest podcast- "Myths Of The Caliphate"

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These passionate Chicago African-Americans take a hard look at the track record of the Democratic party and say: "ENOUGH"!

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina has announced that costs for its ACA-compliant plans will see an average price increase of 13.5% (AP...

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Originally broadcast at 10PM ET, October 25 on Italian Tomatoes on Blog Talk Radio! And a special thanks to all the lefty trolls who...

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The chattering classes have been voicing the mantra that prices are under control, and that inflation is not a problem. While energy took...

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Crude oil prices have tumbled 20% since the early summer, reflecting a sluggish world economy, a gusher of new supplies from North America and...

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Ever the compassionate conservatives, we at TMR realize that the Democrats are beginning to feel a bit beleaguered this mid-term election. Having hitched...

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Data security has become one of the biggest headaches facing the institutional world. Spectacular breaches- recently Target, JP Morgan, Home Depot and...

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Ebola is creating a widening circle of surprise, fear, uncertainty and, alas, tragedy. At the epicenter is the risk management skill of government,...

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The United Kingdom, which decided to stay united during last month's Scottish referendum, will have a General Election in 2015. David Cameron's Conservative-led...

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Do you remember how depressing Election Night 2012 was? We went into it thinking that Romney could pull it off, and it just...