Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Retired from American Airlines after a 34 year career in corporate treasury management. Professional income tax preparer. Graduate of Georgetown University (BS Foreign Service) and The University of Texas at Arlington (MBA). Contributor to TMR since 2007. Host of "Italian Tomatoes" show on Blog Talk Radio. I am a center-right Republican with a passion for business, history and current affairs. Visit my radio show page on Facebook! (Or go directly to Blog Talk Radio to listen to My latest podcast- "Myths Of The Caliphate"

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Everyone (except the mainstream media) knows that illegal immigration and open borders depress the economic prospects of citizens who toil in modestly paid service...

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President Barack Obama dithers in an endless seminar, as is his wont, about the best approach to counter the obscene proto-state of ISIS. ...

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More often than not, voters in free nations are resistant to wildly leftist agendas. But occasionally they can succumb to pied pipers who...

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The day has come! Apple formally launched the long-awaited iPhone 6 series, along with its new “wearable”, the Apple Watch, and its phone-based...

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More purrfect art at PetMD!

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released the latest batch of employment numbers, and they don’t look pretty. The economy added 142,000 jobs...

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Here's a teacher's guide to help you along! The Daily Signal (produced by the Heritage Foundation) highlights the "Homework Helper" series by WGRZ TV Buffalo....

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These are rough times at CNN. Time-Warner and its subsidiary Turner Broadcasting are overseeing a massive restructuring at the famous media property. ...

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The Veterans Administration is apparently not satisfied with the PR black eye it received earlier this year as revelations of its incompetence and cover-ups...

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TMR is not an investment site, but it is necessary to keep up with the financial markets in order to have a sense of...