Thursday, August 28, 2014
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News Links

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Here we go again! It appears that the United States has become the "Land of the Formerly Free" and the "Nanny States of America." From...

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As if Barack Obama's policies weren't hurting the United States economy enough already! Isn't it nice to have an American President who's goal it...

Gov. Jerry Brown to Mexican Illegals: 'You're All Welcome in California'

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On Monday evening, California Governor Jerry Brown said all Mexicans, including illegal immigrants, are welcome in California. According to the Los Angeles Times, while introducing...

Texas Hospital Fires Employee for Controversial Facebook Post About Ferguson

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HOUSTON, Texas -- Americans across the country have been voicing strong opinions following the recent shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the...

Agents Seize Tamales Stuffed With Cocaine at Houston Airport

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HOUSTON, Texas -- A 46-year-old man from El Salvador was recently caught smuggling seven ounces of cocaine hidden in tamales. Authorities intercepted the attempted...

Issa to Depose IRS Commissioner Over Uncovered Missing Lerner Emails

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Monday on Fox News Channel's "On the Record With Greta Van Susteren," Rep.Darrell Issa (R-CA) discussed today's news reports that embattled IRS official Lois...

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Last summer, NRSC Executive Director Rob Collins wrote, "In 2012 Democrats built and ran the nastiest campaigns our nation has ever seen. We know that they...

Texas National Guard Reverses Position on Off-Duty Concealed Carry During Deployment

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CAMP SWIFT, Texas — The Texas National Guard (TNG) has reversed its previously stated position about guardsmen being allowed to carry personal weapons when...

New School Year Means More Security, Police, Marshals and Teachers Armed for Class

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DALLAS, Texas -- It is becoming a world where locked school doors, intercom entry systems, electronic card entry keys, and security cameras just are...

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It's been a great summer for Senate Republicans.  As Kim Strassel notes: "It's true that Republicans are raising a lot of campaign money, and National Republican...