Wednesday, October 1, 2014
News Links

News Links

Wow: Joni Ernst suddenly opens a 6-point lead in Iowa

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Teacups are rattling in the hands of Democrat consultants across the land, as another closely-watched neck-and-neck race suddenly turns into a big lead for...

World View: WHO Must Respond to 'Unprecedented Scale of Humanitarian Emergencies'

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This morning's key headlines from WHO must respond to 'unprecedented scale of humanitarian emergencies' Britain votes joins countries at war against ISIS WHO must respond to...

Pirro: Islamic Terrorism 'Not Just a Threat, It Is a Reality'

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The Fox News Channel's “Justice with Judge Jeanine” anchor Judge Jeanine Pirro declared Islamist terrorism was “not just a threat, it is a reality,”...

Endorsements Keep Coming for Republican Pete Peterson in CA Sec. of State Race

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The San Francisco Chronicle and San Diego Union-Tribune editorial boards both announced Thursday afternoon their endorsement of Republican Pete Peterson in his bid for...

Border Patrol Agents Rescue Distressed Woman in Desert

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A nearly unconscious woman was rescued and transported to a local hospital when Border Patrol agents found her hiding in a hollowed out log...

Congressman Poe Visits Immigrant Overrun Brooks County

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HOUSTON, Texas -- Congressman Ted Poe paid a visit to the Brooks County Sheriff's Office and Ranchers in Falfurrias today as part of his...

Shooting of Pastor in Pakistan Highlights Growing Christian Persecution

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Lawyers of Pakistani Christian pastor Zafar Bhatti said their client and another man were shot dead Thursday in their prison cell after...

China Pledges Support For Global War on Terrorism

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The United Nations should “play a leading role” in the international efforts to confront terrorism, said the Chinese Foreign Minister at a UN Security...

Nigerian Military Warns: We Will Kill Anyone Impersonating Dead Boko Haram Leader

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The past few days have been pivotal to the Nigerian government's fight to eradicate the jihadist terrorist group Boko Haram, as rumors flew throughout...

Democratic Candidate Plagiarized Another Democrat's Plagiarized Jobs Plan

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BuzzFeed reported Thursday that Susan Wismer, the Democratic Party's gubernatorial nominee in South Dakota, has been caught plagiarizing from the already plagiarized jobs plan...