Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Good morning folks, Despite their best efforts to spin, Democrats are terrified of ObamaCare. The Associated Press reports, "The chairwoman of the Senate committee responsible...

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President Obama’s decision to exchange five terrorists for a soldier who left his base in Afghanistan endangers national security by “pretending” the Taliban isn’t...

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The Short Unhappy Life Of Obamacare By 2024 there will be more than 40 million uninsured, roughly 10% more than today As Seen In The Wall...

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Good morning folks, Has President Obama already written off the Senate? Evidence suggests that five months prior to Election Day, the President is trying to...

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Good morning folks, If someone would have predicted a year ago that the race for Tom Harkin's Iowa Senate seat would be a dead heat...

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In May 2007, Carrie and Shawn Pratt agreed to sign up their severely premature daughter, Dagen, for a government-funded study being conducted at Duke...

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According to the RSS satellite data, whose value for May 2014 has just been published, the global warming trend in the 17 years 9 [months] since September 1996 is zero (Fig. 1). The 213 months without global warming represent more than half the 425-month satellite data record since January 1979. No one now in high school has lived through global warming.

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Haley, Idaho which is the home town of newly released and controversial soldier Bowe Bergdahl has cancelled a planned celebration to honor Bergdahl's release....

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Is there a whiskey shortage looming?

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When news first broke that the US had – does the word “rescued” really apply here? We’ll use “retrieved” – retrieved Bowe Bergdahl from...