Monday, September 1, 2014
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News Links

PolitiFact Wisconsin Rates as True Scott Walker $3 Billion in Taxpayer Savings Claim

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PolitiFact Wisconsin rates as mostly true this statement from Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker, "I support our Act 10 reforms, because they saved the taxpayers...

Dyson: Obama’s Ferguson Response ‘Low Moment’ in Presidency

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MSNBC Political Analyst Michael Eric Dyson criticized President Barack Obama's statement on the events in Ferguson on Tuesday's broadcast of “The Reid Report,” arguing...

Mosul Family Reports Islamic State Atrocities on Christians

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Five family members who fled their home in Mosul, Iraq for France held a press conference Saturday in which they reported on the atrocities...

Most Black Ferguson Residents Complaining of 'White Power Structure' Didn't Vote

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After Michael Brown's death, left-wing activists, pundits, and the mainstream press have been blasting and maligning Ferguson's "white power structure," likening the city to...

MOHP Cpt. Ron Johnson: 'This Has to Stop'; Invites CNN's Tapper, Lemon on Patrol

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Early Tuesday morning local time in Ferguson, MO, Missouri Highway Patrol Cpt. Ron Johnson explained why his tone had changed in the recent days...

ISIS's Message To Americans: 'We Will Drown All Of You In Blood'

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A newly uploaded ISIS video directed to Americans says, "We will drown all of you in blood." Reuters published the video, which was "uploaded ...

Proposed Fracking Ban May Hurt Santa Barbara Liberals

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A group called the Santa Barbara County Water Guardians qualified an initiative called Measure P for the county ballot in November. The measure would...

USDA Standards Driving Up School Lunch Prices

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According to an Oklahoma school district nutritionist Amy Herrold, thanks to USDA standards, her district is "required to provide an extra serving of fruit...

SHOCK: Government Report Admits Government Is Bad At Managing Big Projects

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In an announcement guaranteed to astonish everyone, Members of Parliament have revealed that government is really bad at managing big projects. The Public Accounts...

President Obama Sending Eric Holder to Ferguson for Michael Brown Death Investigation

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Calling for understanding in the face of racially charged anger, President Barack Obama said Monday that the vast majority of protesters...