Thursday, August 21, 2014
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News Links

About That Call for Free Tampons

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I didn't weigh in on Jessica Valenti's twitter call for subsidized tampons because, well, it was absurd. She then followed it up with a...

Ferguson Police Chief: Cop Was Injured in Altercation with Michael Brown

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On Wednesday, Ferguson, Missouri, Chief of Police Thomas Jackson told the media that the officer who shot and killed teen Michael Brown was injured...

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It's not exactly a secret that Democratic Senate candidates have had a rough summer. The Washington Post recently reported that, "Republicans chances of winning...

Report: 900 French Jihadis Have Joined Jihadist Movements in Iraq, Syria

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PARIS (AP) — France's top security official says nearly 900 French citizens have gone to Middle East battlegrounds and some have joined the Islamic...

Feds Give Texas Schools Guidelines for Educating Unaccompanied Minors

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HOUSTON, Texas -- While Texas public schools still have not been told how many Central American unaccompanied minors to expect this fall, some guidelines...

Braley Blowing It In Iowa

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Democrat Bruce Braley started out with a solid lead, 6 - 12 depending upon the poll. At the beginning of the year the conventional...

'Very Good Chaps': Anjem Choudary admits pro-ISIS Pamphleteers are His Students

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Muslim hate-preacher Anjem Choudary has today admitted that pro-ISIS protesters in London were his students, during an interview on Fubar Radio with Jon Gaunt. Choudary,...

Criticism as Obama, Clintons Party While Ferguson Erupts in Riots

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President Obama is being criticized for vacationing and partying with the Clintons in Martha's Vineyard as protests, and in some cases riots, continue to...

Walmart Employees Discover Teen Who Was Living in Their Store for Days

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A Texas teenager lived in a Walmart in Corsicana for almost three days. A spokesperson with the Corsicana Police Department told Breitbart Texas that...

Governor Perry’s Address to the Deploying National Guardsmen

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HOUSTON, Texas — Texas Governor Rick Perry addressed a small group of about 100 soldiers of the Texas National Guard who are undergoing training...