Monday, October 20, 2014
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News Links

Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law; Abbott Vows Appeal

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AUSTIN, Texas -- A United States District Judge for the Southern District of Texas, Corpus Christi Division, Nelva Gonzalez Ramos, has struck down Texas...

Dem Pollster: Hispanics May Stay Home for Midterms Because Obama Delayed Exec Amnesty

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A top Democratic pollster thinks Hispanic voters may sit out the 2014 midterm elections because President Barack Obama did not enact his executive amnesty...

Rhode Island Police Receive Letter Threatening to Behead Elementary School Children in Three Towns

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The police chief in Warwick, Rhode Island said Wednesday that on Tuesday police received an anonymous threat to elementary school children in three communities...

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We knew it was coming. Well over a year ago, NRSC Executive Director Rob Collins explained, "In 2012 Democrats built and ran the nastiest...

NARAL's New Anti-Thom Tillis Ad Depicts Susan B. Anthony List as Women Molesters

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In its new ad attacking North Carolina GOP Senate candidate Thom Tillis, abortion lobby group NARAL depicts pro-life Susan B. Anthony List and its...

Californians Disenchanted with Obama as He Fundraises Again in Golden State

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Obama's three-day fundraising foray on California wealthiest Democratic supporters, which kicks-off on Thursday with a visit to Hollywood and includes a trip on Friday...

New Jersey Customs Agent: We're Not Prepared for Ebola

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A federal customs official at New Jersey's Newark International Airport says that they are not trained or equipped to face passengers who might be...

Infection Expert: Porous US Borders Prevent Containing Further Ebola Spread

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Dr. W. Ian Lipkin, the Director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University's Mailman Center for Public Health, argued that if...

Alison Grimes Field Organizer: Obama's Legacy Depends on Kentucky Senate Race

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Akshai Bhatnagar, a field organizer for the Alison Grimes Senate campaign in Kentucky, wrote an article for the John Hopkins Politik Magazine in April...

General: US Will Face Immigration Stampede If Ebola Reaches Central America

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On October 7, Marine Corps General John F. Kelly said it will be "Katie bar the door" and "mass immigration into the United States"...