Sunday, July 27, 2014
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The delegate from D.C. says that’s what makes a ‘separation of powers government’ different from a parliamentary government The amount of "stupid" that is so...

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Being President has tons of perks. Like being able to play golf any time you want to. Like going on vacation and not having to pay for it...

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The US is experiencing an unprecedented boom in energy production in both oil and gas. Oil production has increased by 70% since 2008...

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The IDF is not only one of the best militaries in the world, they've got a great sense of humor in the face of war with those who want to annihilate Israel.

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That's right, the so-called "paper of record" is declaring war on people of faith, especially practicing Christians and Muslims.

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There is a debate about why illegal alien children - and young adult gang members - who are flooding over the southern US border are coming to the US.

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IRS Commissioner John Koskinen can run (his mouth) but can't hide from Republican House Representative Jim Jordan... WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Champaign County GOP Rep. Jim...

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WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today filed legislation to impose sanctions against Iran to help safeguard America. “The recent extension of negotiations...

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In a little known story of Management/Employee relations, there is something unique happening in Tewksbury,  Danvers, Bellingham and other locations throughout Massachusetts and other...

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Since scientists have a financial incentive to create studies to support the party line of global warming, the cooling and growth in Antarctic ice...