Friday, October 24, 2014
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According to U.S. House Representative Marilyn Musgrave's (CO-4) [url=]website[/url], she plans to [i]lead the fight[/i] to override President Bush's veto of the the recent Farm Bill. The bill passed, but there appears to be a technical issue that will require a new vote by both the House and the Senate, then another override by both Chambers. Rep. Musgrave champions the provisions for food stamps and food banks.

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We all know birthdays are a time to reflect, so the NRSC would like to take Al Franken down memory lane for his 57th birthday today.

Two years ago, Al Franken moved to Minnesota to run for the Senate!

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[url=]Barack Gaffes - The Obama machine.[/url] [quote]All it takes is one gaffe to taint a Republican for life. The political establishment never let Dan Quayle live down his fateful misspelling of “potatoe.” The New York Times distorted and misreported the first President Bush’s questions about new scanner technology at a grocers’ convention to brand him permanently as out of touch.

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[url=]Peter Spiro, guest-blogging @ Volokh[/url] [quote]This is a standard refrain of our political discourse, a boilerplate phrase over which we ordinarily have no reason to pause. But (as I describe in Beyond Citizenship) the “rights and obligations of citizenship” have been whittled down to a very small quantity. That reflects and reinforces the diminished meaning of citizenship.[/quote]