Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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From Reuters

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's armed forces chief said on Saturday Moscow could use nuclear arms pre-emptively if under serious threat, his comments marking no change in defense policy but underlining a renewed military confidence.

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Reversing his devastating defeat in the 2000 Presidential election John McCain won the South Carolina primary with 33% of the vote. Mike Huckabee came in second at 30% with Fred Thompson third at 16%. Mitt Romney who pulled his campaign out of South Carolina last week garnered fourth with 15% of the vote. Because of the difference at the top of the Primaries and Caucuses thus far there is still no clear leader but the field has narrowed down to basically a two and maybe three man race.

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[url=]The Constitution is Not a “Living, Breathing Document”[/url] [quote]This morning I heard that one of the other candidates commented that the Constitution is a “living, breathing document.”

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[url=]Via Reuters[/url] [quote]Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon named actor George Clooney, who has campaigned for refugees in Darfur, as a U.N. "messenger of peace" on Friday to promote the world body's peacekeeping efforts. Clooney is the ninth U.N. messenger -- people chosen from the fields of art, music, literature and sports who have agreed to help focus attention on the United Nations' work.

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mbecker908’s A Gold Star Mom Speaks Out...

Diane Layfield's son, LCpl Travis Layfield, served in the 2nd Btn, 4th Marines with my son Josh. Travis was killed by a sniper just three weeks into 2/4's first deployment to Ramadi on April 6, 2004.

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Fred Thompson

It's happening not only across the state of South Carolina but all across America. Everyday Republicans and Conservatives are flipping from their previously chosen candidate and supporting Fred Thompson. As people start to re-examine the positions of the candidates in the republican field they're starting to realize that the constant common-sense conservatism Fred espouses and has held dear all of his life, most closely resembles their principles and values!

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[url=,2933,323770,00.html]Via FOXNews[/url] [quote]President Bush on Friday urged that an economic stimulus package worth nearly $150 billion be passed immediately to head off a nationwide slump, while expressing confidence that the sagging economy will rebound.

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[url=,2933,323513,00.html]Via FOXNews[/url] [quote]The directors of two Interior Department agencies said Thursday they're confident oil and gas exploration in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska can proceed without threatening polar bears that depend on the sea ice. The officials appeared before a House special committee on global warming that is examining why the department is postponing a decision on whether to further protect the bear, at the same time it is proceeding with oil lease sales in the Alaska sea.