Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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Check out this story over on QandO Blog. These three students found a way to improve on the design of body armor. Smart kids!

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Apparently the HinzSight Report has been hacked by a group of Palestinian hackers. The following is from the text included on the hack.

The days among us, Jews will slaying on the eve of the Far God willing

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With the admission of the polar bear on the Endangered Species List for global warming reasons, the Foundry (Heritage Foundation's Blog) postulates that the polar bear could become the new Libertarian mascot.

But global warming is just that: global. Virtually every federal government action anywhere in the country can be connected to increased greenhouse gas emissions, which after all, are the cause of the destruction of the polar bear’s habitat according to the Interior Department. So you wanna stop the Agriculture Department from sending subsidy checks to millionaire farmers? Claim the increased emissions from transporting the crops to market will harm the polar bears and sue to stop them. Wanna stop a new high way from being funded? Just point out the new traffic will increase emissions and ‘presto’ … no more high way. Wanna end increases in Medicare spending? All you need to do is show that increased health care spending prolongs peoples lives who inevitably emit more carbon. The possibilities are endless…..

Hmm. I'm not sure it will work, but it would be good to take the tactic of the left and use it against them.

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I think the most telling passage is this here (and why many of us fell head over heels for Fred in the primaries...alas!)

I’m speaking of the conservatism grounded in principles based upon enduring truths: an understanding of the importance of human nature in the affairs of individuals and nations. Respect for the lessons of history, the importance of faith and tradition. The understanding that while man is prone to err, he is capable of great things when not subjugated by a too-powerful government. These are the principles that inspired our Founding Fathers, and resulted in a Constitution that delineated the powers of the central government, established checks and balances among the branches of government and further diffused governmental power by a system of Federalism.

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This might be in "the too little too late" column but here we go... From [url=][/url]: [quote][b]Solution #[/b]1: Assuring More Time & Money For America’s Families

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[url=]$290 Billion[/url] - passes both houses with veto-proof majorities. And Democrats are now seen as better on restraining government than the GOP? Sheesh - that's some mugging we did to our "brand" over the last 7-plus years.

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From [url=]Yahoo News[/url] [quote]At Obama's Chicago headquarters, advisers said there was no reason to worry — [b]West Virginia was demographically suited to Clinton and won't be part of their general election plans.[/b] It's also true that Clinton's win is unlikely to slow his march toward the nomination — Obama picked up 30 superdelegates this week, more than the 28 total pledged delegates up for grabs in West Virginia.[/quote] It better be if you hope to win!!!

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Is now at his first piece is titled The Place to Discuss Our Fundamental Principles