Friday, August 1, 2014
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From the [url=]AP[/url] [quote]Colombia's president sharply criticized U.S. presidential contender Barack Obama on Wednesday for opposing a trade deal with his country, calling the Democrat out of touch with the realities of the South American nation. The White House is urging Congress to approve the agreement, which would remove most tariffs on American exports and cement Colombia's preferential trade status with the United States. But Illinois Sen. Obama said Wednesday he would oppose the deal.

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N.B. Apologies to Pink Floyd for my lyric thievery in the title…

The old adage that history repeats itself gets too much airplay and too frequently obscures the dynamics at work in a particular era. However, some things do seem to happen with a depressing regularity. Even when Thome has homered in the first and again in the 3rd, every roster in Major League Baseball has at least one idiot who would gladly pitch to him again in the 5th or the 6th instead of issuing the intentional walk.

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Yesterday prosecutors played a recorded phone call in which two of Rezko's alleged co-schemers, Stuart Levine and William Cellini, discussed their plot to shake down a Hollywood movie producer and businessman named Tom Rosenberg for a $1.5 million campaign contribution with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.
The secretly recorded, May 2004 conversation was between Levine and longtime Illinois Republican Party power William Cellini.

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[size=11][i]By Aaron Velasquez, Right Side News[/size][/i] The American right loves Israel. We love Israel because Israel is us. Israel has McDonalds, night clubs, a middle class, semiconductor plants, and nuclear weapons. The left hates Israel for exactly these same things. Some liberals go one better and equate Israel with Nazi Germany, with Palestinians acting the part of the Jews. As bizarre as this seems to me, it plays well in the emotionally-driven finger-pointing crowd. Israel is rich, stable and secure, and Palestine is poor and in turmoil. The fallacy is the idea that Israel's success caused the poverty of the Palestinians. People looking for "root causes" of violence often stop at poverty, and assume that the nearest rich people are to blame. Mexico is poor and backward compared to the United States, but nobody is saying that the United States made Mexico that way. The United States even took some of Mexico into herself and made more states. I live in one of them. However, there is no international outcry for reparations. There are no Mexican suicide bombers blowing themselves up in Dallas or Albuquerque.

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[size=11][i]By Erik Rush[/size][/i] Last Friday, on the ABC talk show “The View” – about as softball a venue as one can get – presidential hopeful Barack Obama indicated that he would have left Chicago’s Trinity United church had the militant, anti-American pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright not recently retired. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a bigger insult to the intelligence of American voter. To all but the Obama-struck, the statement had to be seen as gratuitously feeble. “Yes, officer… You know, I was just on my way to have that tail light repaired when you pulled me over.”

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Jerry Seinfeld on the aftermath of the crash resulting from mechanical trouble that caused the brakes to fail on his 1967 Fiat in New York State, flipping the car:

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ABC news' George Clintonopoulos Stephanopoulos is reporting that both Hillary and Bill are telling superdelegates, specifically Bill Richardson and most likely anyone who'll listen, that "Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., cannot win a general election against presumptive Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz"

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It appears that al-Qaeda thugs, well, they [url=]likey the trim[/url], too.[quote]The few remaining serious troublemakers are being hacked off and mulched in these incessant operations, which gives the enemy no rest (in the old days, when they were murdering Iraqis and Americans by the thousands, AQI used Tal Afar for training and R&R). These types of terrorists used to lay up with prostitutes in downtown Tal Afar, which isn’t so uncommon – for years brothels have been an excellent source of information against al Qaeda from Mosul to Baghdad.[/quote] Some holy-warriors, they. Gratuitous snap shot below the fold...