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John McCain's victory last night in Florida and the eventual end of the campaign of Rudy Giuliani whose camp has indicated will throw his support behind McCain places the Senator from Arizona as the most likely candidate to gain the GOP nomination. While Mitt Romney still has an outside chance, the polls from large delegate States like California, New York and New Jersey give McCain a huge advantage especially with the pending support of Giuliani. So now many in the GOP especially Conservatives find themselves in a dilemma.

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Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable. ~ J K Galbraith

During the course of the primary events I have seen my preferred candidates knocked off one by one; it has been disheartening, and much to my chagrin I find myself searching for something, anything about the remaining candidates that I can glom onto which will raise my spirit and hopes for November. I was reminded of the quote above thinking about our two contenders left, McCain the disastrous and Romney the unpalatable.

Listening to Senator McCain’s victory speech I found myself trying to appreciate his finer points, and he does have quite a few of these. So does Governor Romney for that matter, it is so rare these day for me to think of a politician as intelligent (formidable intelligence in fact with Mr. Romney) rather than just sly like a fox or even plain stupid. But still after all the hustle, bustle, and impassioned speech of the day, I found myself still wishing for a better candidate, another choice, but who is else is running?

Who else is running?

More below the fold…

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Life, as we all know, is about choices - and the choice to get involved in politics is one where there are, as we also all know, opportunities for both euphoric highs and unthinkable lows. For conservatives deep behind enemy lines, we know all too well about those lows and really not all that much about those highs. In fact, the last true “high” in politics I can recall feeling was on the evening of November 5, 2002 – when I heard on the radio that Massachusetts State Treasurer Shannon O’Brien had conceded the Governor’s race to Mitt Romney.

Man, that was some good stuff.

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I know big shocker right... but we have more proof:

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With his win in Florida, some 8-years in the making, Sen. John McCain now has the 2008 GOP Presidential nomination all but locked up. Barring a "macaca" moment, he will be the Republican nominee... ... and as a result I expect to have a whole lot more time, and more than a little more disposable income, at my disposal between now and November 4th.

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This is my prediction. I beleive Rudy will (if he hasn't done so already) make a deal with McCain giving McCain his endorsement and support to be named as his running mate and Vice President or AG! I do beleive this will take place either tomorrow or Friday (the possibility of Rudy staying in until Friday for the debate seems reasonable.) So going into super Tuesday the field will look like this: [b]McCain[/b] - Backstabber / Compromiser [b]Romney[/b] - flip-flopper [b]Huckabee[/b] - Populist [b]Paul[/b] - well, Paul Whoopee!!! Are you just as excited about this election cycle as I am? :0(

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<img src=""
Florida Sunset

Well there's about an hour left until the polls close in Florida for the Republican primary and we'll be bring you the results as they come in.

While you have to take the exit poling with a grain of salt, there are some interesting stats coming out of Florida today.

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[url=]Staying The Coarse[/url] [quote]This was a garden-variety dishonesty, the manufacture of which does not cause a Clinton in midseason form to break a sweat. And it was no worse than -- actually, not as gross as -- St. John of Arizona's crooked-talk claim in Florida that Mitt Romney wanted to "surrender and wave a white flag, like Senator Clinton wants to do" in Iraq because Romney "wanted to set a date for withdrawal that would have meant disaster."

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[size=12][i]By Tom Harb as it originally appeared @ [url=]The Washington Times[/url] January 28, 2008[/size][/i] Like all international terrorist groups, Lebanon-based Hezbollah has always relied on the classic methodology of terror: horrifying, grisly attacks and detonations that produce mass casualties in order to garner as much press as possible. In short, its goal is to terrorize the public as a means of manipulating the same. Groups like Hezbollah, al Qaeda and others continue to wage such blood-and-fire campaigns against civilian populations. They know it works because the threat alone is often enough to manipulate the press, too, thus frightening them so that they will act, or react, in a certain way as well. Today, however, terrorist groups have become more sophisticated and their tactics do not always begin with something so overtly terrorizing. In the case of Hezbollah, there is a new and far more sinister weapon in its arsenal which begins with the media itself and utilizes Hezbollah's ability to influence and even control it. In recent years, Hezbollah has been able to influence much of the Lebanese mainstream and alternative media, including national media and international reporting. Increasing numbers of paid Hezbollah sympathizers have insinuated themselves into traditional Lebanese print and broadcast media, thus enabling them to present stories in a way they want them to be understood. Western journalists in Lebanon have now bought into the same influence as well, whether wittingly or not. [i]Read On...[/i]

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[url=]The American Thinker[/url] links to this piece [url=]Shiite Council Denounces the Chiyah 'Crime' as 'Unbearable'[/url] [quote]The Higher Shiite Islamic Council on Tuesday denounced the Chiyah "crime" committed Sunday against demonstrators who were staging "legal and peaceful" protests.