Saturday, April 19, 2014
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[url=]Chavez calls for anti-US alliance[/url] [quote]Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has called on other Latin American and Caribbean countries to form a military alliance against the United States. The vehemently anti-US leader says Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba and Dominica should create one united force. Mr Chavez, a long time critic of what he sees as US imperialism, made the comments after a summit of its leaders. Despite constant US denials, Mr Chavez is convinced it poses a serious threat to South and Central America.

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[url=]Obama takes big risk on driver's license issue[/url] [quote]Sen. Barack Obama easily won the African American vote in South Carolina, but to woo California Latinos, where he is running 3-to-1 behind rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, he is taking a giant risk: spotlighting his support for the red-hot issue of granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

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[url=]Via FOXNews[/url] [quote]Federal agents arrested indicted political donor Antoin “Tony” Rezko at his home Monday on a bond violation after investigators noticed movement in some of his finances. Rezko, former friend and fundraiser of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, is scheduled to stand trial Feb. 25 on charges of fraud, attempted extortion and money laundering. Rezko has pleaded not guilty.

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The politico is reporting [url=]McCain hits Romney hard on Fla. radio[/url]. This is ridiculous and McCain knows it! The poll in question doesn't take into account the united support of the party after a nominee is chosen, listening to or lending credence and legitimacy to this poll is absurd. [quote]Full script: ANNCR: They say Mitt Romney likes numbers. His campaign says he likes to look at data. Well here are some numbers that should scare every Florida Republican.

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... problem is, it's in [url=]Massachusetts[/url]. My brief thoughts on the race are in [url=]Adam C's RS story[/url] - [url=]here[/url].

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Upon reading on CNN that Ted Kennedy had embraced Barack Obama; I hoped for Senator Obama’s sake that two things were true. First, I hoped the Junior Senator from Illinois had a snorkel handy and second that Barack Obama had no biological aversion to ambergris.

Upon hearing that Bill Clinton’s campaign tactics in South Carolina had burned the bridges between the Clintons and the Kennedys, I had two more thoughts. One, I felt relieved that Good Old Ted had one fewer bridge to drive off of, and two that the two great families of the Democratic Party would soon make peace. This will soon just be water under the floor boards, err… I mean bridge.

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As a conservative and a Republican I have had to do a bit of soul searching over the past week. I was a staunch Fredhead because I believed Thompson to be the only Conservative that the GOP had to offer for the 2008 Presidential nomination. I have always considered myself a Conservative first and a Republican second though I have been a card carrying member of the GOP since I turned twenty in 1976. I have always backed the GOP candidates but like many of you who have been disappointed in the GOP for the last couple of years. I have been frustrated over the direction that the party has gone and have not been real, "Gung Ho, " about the candidates that remain in the running for the nomination.

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I predicted last summer, after seeing Barack Obama give a long speech, and when he trailed Hillary Clinton by over 20 points in the South Carolina polls, that he would win my native Palmetto State's primary. He has now done so.

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[size=11][i]By Thomas E. Brewton[/i][/size] The New York Times is distressed that private philanthropists can give money to any charity they choose. Only a socialistic Federal government is capable, says the Times, of making wise decisions about dispensing money to achieve social justice. The flip side of American private largess is the stinginess of the public sector. Philanthropic contributions in the United States — about $300 billion in 2006 — probably exceed those of any other country. By contrast, America’s tax take is nearly the lowest in the industrial world. Federal, state and local tax collections amount to just more than 25.5 percent of the nation’s economic output. The Finnish government collects 48.8 percent. As a result, the United States spends less on social programs than virtually every other rich industrial country, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The Finnish government probably has money to build children’s health clinics.

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[url=]The NYT Caucus[/url] purports to be a "political blog." It's wide-eyed ingenuous stance toward the campaign basically demonstrates a total bias toward the Democrats and the Clintons in particular. The gist of the link above simply accepts BJ Clinton's answer on why Hillary is not a polarizing figure. The blog ends with this disingenuous attempt at covering over the travesty of the two Clinton's infestation of the White House for eight years: [quote]He concluded, oddly, with an unfortunate reminder of some of the grimmer aspects of his tenure in the White House: “And she was exonerated of every single charge leveled against her in the eight years I was president,” he said.[/quote] Hillary EXONERATED? This guy’s used to lying his way through every single CRISIS that Clinton Inc runs into. And the NYT, so fast to editorialize on any Republican misstatement, lets this gigantic enormous lie simply end its story!