Friday, August 29, 2014
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And I agree with Scott at Power Line. Someone needs to hire this guy to do a national campaign.

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On this Sunday, I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce people at TMR to one of the families from my (new) hometown here in Massachusetts and give everyone the chance to reflect on and benefit from their determination, courage and spirituality:

Team Hoyt

In my little town the family are local heroes, but everyone in the country can and should benefit from their example.

Read on and be inspired....

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[i]Or, how to use the political process to promote your personal convictions without compromising your principles[/i]. [url=]Cross posted at Night Twister[/url] I'd like to preface this blog with a statement about my position on life. I'm solidly pro-life. I believe abortion is always wrong, except to save the life of the mother. I'm also opposed to euthanasia and stem-cell research on fertilized eggs. I've been a board member of two Crisis Pregnancy Centers. I often find myself engaging in a discussion about political compromise. There are those on both sides of the political landscape that believe they should never support a political candidate unless he or she agrees with them on every point. Any deviation from strict adherence to [i]doctrine[/i] puts that politician outside the camp. I call these voters [b]Single Issue Values Voters[/b]. I [url=]wrote a blog[/url] about them and their influence over the Presidential primaries back in February.

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According to the Op-Ed from hell, the Dems ought to choose the candidate with the biggest balls. [url=]Hillary, that is!![/url] Bob Herbert in the NYT speaks some dirty little truths to his own candidate. And if Sharpton forces a racial confrontation in NYC over the Bell verdict, guess who's not coming to the metaphorical dinner? Nor to the inauguration!

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File under..."Jobs Americans Won't Do" (and read the post at the link -- it's excellent.)

Anyone who has followed my latest series of posts at TMR and RedState knows that Microsoft has done its level best in the past couple of months to disabuse me of any unconditional positive regard I might have held in their favor as a customer. I'd also like to report today that the problems with my system did not end with fixing the 0xC1F5 bug -- they were only just beginning.

Read on, but don't weep...

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What's amazing is the reaction of the chair "How dare you!" *Must have gotten mad that he was questioning her girlfriend! :0)