Monday, September 29, 2014
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From Reuters

Republican presidential candidate John McCain said on Thursday that, if elected, he would like to take a page from the British government and appear in question-and-answer sessions with lawmakers.

"I will ask Congress to grant me the privilege of coming before both houses to take questions, and address criticism, much the same as the prime minister of Great Britain appears regularly before the House of Commons," McCain said in excerpts of a speech he is to deliver later in Columbus, Ohio.

Although U.S. presidents deliver annual "State of the Union" speeches to Congress at the start of each year, those formal addresses do not include a question-and-answer session

I still haven't digested this one yet but it seems like a horrible idea.

First, granting some first term loony Senator or Congressmen access to question the POTUS (which will quickly delude into a 10 min diatribe on his pet grievance) will prove to be a complete waste of time!

Second, If McCain wants to take questions he should invite both party's leadership to a regular meeting at the White House where they can ask questions from their members on his terms and turf.

This could turn into a political nightmare!

DocJ - chiming in: I'm with you on this one, Steve - this is a God-awful horrible idea. We don't have a parlimentary system and I hate that we're already well on our way to the Judiciary becoming a "super-legislature" - further bluring of the lines between the branches is beyond counterproductive.

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In a speech to Israel's Knesset, President Bush said Thursday, 'some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists and radicals.' Democrat Barack Obama has interpreted the remark as a slam against him.

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And then he puts out a killer ad like this!

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Something happens that reminds why I voted for them in the first place. Our leaders can and do demonstrate stunning moments of clarity on the big issues that the opposition can't even dream of.

From the Wall Street Journal

The President spoke to the Israeli Knesset yesterday and once again showed, he knows whats important in the world and why.

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Tom Davis, the soon to be retired well-known RiNO [url=]porker[/url], claims he knows why the GOP is in [url=]such bad shape[/url]... [quote]He believes Bush's staunch opposition to the Democratic housing bill and the SCHIP bill, for example, is hurting rank and file. Look at yesterday's vote on the SPRO, where Republicans defied the president in droves. Lo and behold, the White House says today that it will not veto the bill.[/quote]

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This guy using his best Cobra C.L.A.W. imitation Discovers Way to Fall from Plane at Slightly Slower Speed than Gravity Ht to Ace

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Hard to believe that the GOP brand is a mess when you have [url=]this[/url] sort of ruling coming out of the (nominally) Republican Bush administration, eh? [quote]The Interior Department declared the polar bear a threatened species Wednesday, saying it must be protected because of the decline in Arctic sea ice from global warming.[/quote] I'm sure the presumptive GOP nominee for President agrees with the decision.

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Sen. Arlen Specter (RiNO-PA) wants a congressionally-mandated investigation into [url=]Tape-gate[/url]! [quote]Sen. Arlen Specter wants an independent investigation of the Patriots' taping of opposing coaches' signals similar to the Mitchell Report on performance enhancing drugs in baseball.[/quote]