Saturday, October 25, 2014
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[url=]Barack Gaffes - The Obama machine.[/url] [quote]All it takes is one gaffe to taint a Republican for life. The political establishment never let Dan Quayle live down his fateful misspelling of “potatoe.” The New York Times distorted and misreported the first President Bush’s questions about new scanner technology at a grocers’ convention to brand him permanently as out of touch.

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[url=]Peter Spiro, guest-blogging @ Volokh[/url] [quote]This is a standard refrain of our political discourse, a boilerplate phrase over which we ordinarily have no reason to pause. But (as I describe in Beyond Citizenship) the “rights and obligations of citizenship” have been whittled down to a very small quantity. That reflects and reinforces the diminished meaning of citizenship.[/quote]

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[url=]President Bush vetoed the $300 billion farm bill today[/url] [quote]President Bush vetoed the $300 billion farm bill on Wednesday, calling it a tax increase on regular Americans at a time of high food prices in the face of a near-certain override by Congress. It was the 10th veto of Bush's presidency. But since it passed both houses of Congress with veto-proof majorities, his action will likely be overridden.

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From [url=]Top Obama Organizer Paul Tewes in Discussions to Run Democratic Party[/url] [quote]Barack Obama is quietly planning to take over the Democratic National Committee and assemble a multistate team for the general election, the latest sign that he is putting rival Hillary Rodham Clinton and the nomination fight behind him. Top Obama organizer Paul Tewes is in discussions to run the party, several Democratic officials said Tuesday.[/quote]

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No shocker there! [url=]Link[/url]

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[url=]About Obama[/url] [quote]Question: Is Geraldine Ferraro nuts to call Democrats sexist? Answer: No. I thought so when she first made the charge in an earlier version. But since then I have seen the party leaders overreact to any even remote slight to Sen. Barack Obama while ignoring the constant slurring of Sen. Hillary Clinton. Question: Is Obama a sexist? Answer: Hold on a second, sweetie. Question: Didn’t 75,000 people show up to hear him in Oregon? Answer: Not really. A free rock concert preceded his appearance, News Busters reported. Oops.[/quote]

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The New York Times reports today that Iraqi Troops Take Charge of Sadr City in Swift Push and although the Iraqis had American helicopter support for reconnaissance during the operation they conducted the rest of the operation without the support of U.S. troops or American advisers! <img src=""

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Our friend Rob Bluey has the story