Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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New Posts

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Just as I suspected, the cowards that run Network Solutions and host the web site for the movie "Fitna" have suspended the site quoting:

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Great piece from John @ powerline!

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H/T to Ace

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This is a very interesting video that came my way. Although I obviously can't verify the claims made here I have no reason to beleive they are fallacious. The poster did offer a list of sites to accompany the video:

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[size=11][i]By Jim Kouri[/size][/i] There is a far-reaching scandal brewing for presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, thanks to a radio talk show host based in Oregon. Syndicated talk host Laurie Roth’s revelations make the news story about Obama’s relationship with a racist, anti-American pastor look like child’s play. A top official at the Pentagon during former-President George H. W. Bush’s Administration and a former CIA intelligence officer maintain that Barack Obama and former Weather Underground honcho William Ayers funneled money to Professor Rashid Khalidi, a known terrorist sympathizer.

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Highlights of this day in history: NATO airstrikes target Yugoslavia; The Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska; Elvis Presley enters the U.S. Army; 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' opens on Broadway; Halle Berry and Denzel Washington win Oscars.

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The Internet is full of words written for no money at all, just for passion. Now, though, more and more online copy is being cranked out by a hybrid class: people happy to serve as ultra-low-cost freelancers.