Sunday, November 23, 2014



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The FBI couldn't get access to a hotel room where they suspected people were participating in (gasp!) gambling on sports in (gasp again!) Las...

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See more in the cross-post on the Newsbusters blog. Following President Barack Obama’s speech announcing his executive order on illegal immigration, CNN political commentator and...


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When Jon Stewart lambasts a Liberal/Progressive President like Barack Obama, you know the President has overstepped his bounds. After Obama declared at least 22...

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Published on 13 Nov 2014 By hosting a conference call to tie the anniversary of the death of Ummah leader Luqman Abdullah to radical action...

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Candidate Obama promised to never do what President Obama is set to do on immigration In advance of President Obama's announcement tonight of an executive...


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This short video shows the amount of decayed thinking that is now embedded in supposed institutions of higher learning in the United States. Watch the...


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In this eye opening video, Press Secretary Josh Earnest, is pressed to answer if President Barack Obama still adheres to what he said just...

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Greg Gutfeld is hilariously incisive in his commentary as usual here. The word of the year is "vape"? As in vaporizing instead of smoking by...


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All of #GruberGate in Two Minutes

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Dream Ticket Donald Trump For President Chuck Norris for VP Forget about Fantasy Football how about Fantasy Politics. Here is my wish for a dream...