Tuesday, September 2, 2014


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Speaking today at Detroit's Labor Day parade gathering in Detroit, Mich., Vice President Joe Biden said today's economy is not growing because "ordinary people...

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Grabien takes a look at the damage control the White House has been doing in the hours since Obama asserted that “we don’t have...


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Breaking statement on video from race car driver Tony Stewart who ran over Kevin Ward Jr. Watch the video below. http://youtu.be/cFkAA9GZmgs

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We keep thinking that Barack Obama will finally have enough concern about his own presidential legacy to do something about foreign policy or the...

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Get a boat in Tijuana, Mexico and motor it a few miles north to a welcoming beach in San Diego, California. Sounds easy enough....


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Several key items of information in this short video. An American fighting with Islamist rebels was reportedly killed during this battle. ISIS fighters fire...


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I guess George Will is getting an audit next year! In his soft spoken fashion, Will, skewers the Internal Revenue Service as the most...


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The late, great Robin Williams mocking Jihad as only he could. Williams was an "equal opportunity mocker" of course. He makes fun of Christianity...


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A panel of Liberal/Progressives on MSNBC (is there any other kind?) can't understand why Billionaire Warren Buffet who is famously quoted as saying taxes...

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‘Right now I don’t want us to overstate the amount of power that ISIS has’ http://youtu.be/6BeH7YtCLv0