Friday, August 29, 2014
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What is supposedly the "perfect murder"? The one where there is no evidence or even a body to prove the murder took place. In...

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In the late online edition of Thursday's New York Post it was reported that thousands of presently deployed servicemen, including more than 1,100 Captains will...

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As if unemployment rates weren't bad enough in this country. If anyone is familiar with the military, you know that when you receive official...

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As more platoon members who worked with and knew Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan before he walked away from his security post come forward with...


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[youtube] One of the terrorists traded for the traitor was a chief architect of 911. But it's OK, he's peaceful now.

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The Obama administration, up to and including the President, have repeatedly assured us that the Taliban leadership released from Gitmo in a trade to...

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President Obama’s decision to exchange five terrorists for a soldier who left his base in Afghanistan endangers national security by “pretending” the Taliban isn’t...

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A Strategy for Renewal Chairman Ryan’s Remarks, as Prepared for Delivery The Center for a New American Security Thanks, everybody—thanks, Michèle. After looking at the program, I’d...

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The news had been quiet in the Iraq front, with all the stories about the VA, Bergdahl and the Taliban, the President's trips to...


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[youtube] Does anyone really believe that once we leave Afghanistan, that the Taliban won't come out of the mountains, and take control of the...