Monday, April 21, 2014
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[youtube] The Islamic Group Of Iraq And Syria, also know as the ISIS, have set up ISLAMIC slaughterhouses to destroy all of those that...


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[youtube] al-Nusra is the most violent militant group in Syria. They are comprised of the dregs of the Muslim world radical extremist al-Qaeda members...


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[youtube] One has to wonder how many more al-Qaeda Muslim terrorist members are infiltrated within this criminal, dysfunctional Administration

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[youtube] How do you think that our Military that fought in Iraq would feel if they knew that the Iraq legislature is considering to...


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[youtube]) I suspect that AG Eric H. Holder Jr will soon retire, and that Preet Bharara will soon be appointed by Barack Hussein Obama...

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***IMPORTANT ACTION ALERT*** Boycott the Movie Non-Stop   Hollywood is often referred to as “Tinseltown,” because nothing is actually real in the entertainment industry. We’ve seen the latest...


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In a revelation missing from the official investigations of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the FBI placed a human source in direct contact...

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How Al Qaeda Is Winning the War on Terror As Daniel Greenfield notes in the article below, the hand wringing by this Administration about the...


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[youtube] John Kerry is blaming Russia for giving weapons to Bashir al-Assad in Syria. He blames the slaughter on Putin, yet President Obama has...


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STEWART: "So that's our dilemma. It's not constitutional to kill an American with without due process but there's this American that we would really...