Monday, July 28, 2014
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Back when Global Cooling was still the scientific "consensus" in the world instead of Global Warming. Another apocalyptic prediction made by many scientists and...

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Australian press is buzzing over the strange nexus between the country’s richest person and American taxpayers.  The headline in The Australian Financial Review even...

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I have been silent thus far regarding the loss of Malaysian flight 370 because other than the actual disappearance of the plane, everything else...


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[youtube] GM will be moving th e manufacturing process of their vehicles out of Australia and into China, no big surprise there!

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How's that global warming working out for ya? The leader of a scientific expedition whose ship remains stranded in Antarctic ice says the team, which...

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Australia’s economy chalked up a remarkable 23rd year of expansion in the third quarter, but the road ahead is uncertain. The WSJ's...

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Former President George W. Bush underwent a heart procedure in Dallas Tuesday after doctors discovered a blockage in his artery during an...

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Forty still missing after a crude oil train explodes in Quebec; the running of the bulls starts in Spain; a whale knocks...

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John Boehner, Republicans Show No Signs Of Fixing Voting Rights Act. Ecuador tells U.S. to argue against Snowden asylum in writing. Senate...

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Edward Snowden and the Privatization of National Security. Ecuador tells U.S. to argue against Snowden asylum in writing. No sign of Snowden...