Thursday, October 30, 2014
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SABO is the shock artist who put the Gwyneth Paltrow "Obama Drone"  posters all around Los Angeles when Barack Obama last visited her mansion...

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The Republican leadership in Congress, such as it is, is a clone of Barack Obama in a number of ways.  While we will give...

Obama Dragging Down Landrieu in Louisiana

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Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy 's line of attack against Democrat Mary Landrieu in Louisiana hasn't changed much throughout the race and the latest...

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The labels 'Restrictive' and 'Dangerous' are being applied to the Obama Administration not by just any random reporter, but by the Washington D.C. Bureau...


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Hillary Clinton has proven deft at being a background manipulator but can she really be a lead politician for the Democrats? The only elections...


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We are not fans of Mitt Romney. That being said, it is obvious he would've been a much better president than Barack Obama is....

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Democrats may well end up regretting the day that Barack Obama was born. No matter where that was.

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This is really a question being asked six years into his Presidency by his chief boot licker, Chris Matthews.

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Democrats are desperate this fall. With eight days left before the mid-term election they're frantically working to get their base...

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You'll remember when Barack Obama told small businessmen "You didn't build that..." Hillary Clinton doubled down on that last week.