Wednesday, November 26, 2014
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You really should watch this video where Jon Voight reviews some of the predictions he made years ago about President Obama and what would...


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This short video only shows a small portion of the "photo-ops" Barack Obama has done as President. Obama is President Photo-Op. Watch the video below.


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[youtube] Rush Limbaugh talks about the "Concussion Summit" that Obama held at the White House. Par for the course, as he does whenever he...


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[youtube] According to Jay Carney, Obama was unaware of the secret lists at the Veteran's Affairs until he saw a report of the problem...

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Good morning folks, Remember when Democrats insisted that their candidates were proud of ObamaCare and poised to run on the issue and get a boost...


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[youtube] I believe that it absolutely was an act of treason, when Obama told the President of Russia, Dimitry Medvedev, "To tell Vladimir Putin...


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[youtube] Obama has pulled all of our American tanks out of Germany, and they are being brought back to the United States. Think that...


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[youtube] How can the Insurance companies survive, when they have lost so many policy holders? The truth is that they can't.

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Good morning folks, John F. Kennedy famously said that, "Victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan." The words of our 35th President popped into...

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From The American Thinker: Thomas Lifson The Obama administration has demonstrated what it means by “soft power.” As Ukrainian defense sources assert that 100,000 Russian troops...