Friday, July 25, 2014
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In Thursday's late online edition of the Boston Herald, it was reported that State Senator Brian A. Joyce — who wants all pot sales...

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Look out! Now President Obama and his illustrious Administration want to scour the Internet in search of what they deem "hate speech" and shut...


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We all know how bad Obamacare is, but do you know how bad it is going to be? The laughably named "Affordable" Care Act...

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On January 15th, Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence supporter and Massachusetts state representative Carlos Henriquez (D-5th Suffolk Dist.) was sentenced to six months in...

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Tagg Romney, the son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, is reportedly considering a run for the open U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts.

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Good Morning Folks – With just ONE day to go until Election Day, here are some of the top stories from key races…. In Massachusetts,...

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In Massachusetts, Politico’s Morning Score previews Scott Brown’s closing ad – “People Over Party.”  Every day I hold this office, I will give all...

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Just one day after Scott Brown’s campaign introduced a new statewide ad with one local TV reporter asking Warren “Is there anything else going...

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In Massachusetts, today’s lead in the Boston Globe says it all about the state of Professor Elizabeth Warren’s campaign -- Elizabeth Warren used a...

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Filmed in the historic town of Cherokee, North Carolina, which is located on a Cherokee Indian reservation just three hours from the site of the convention in Charlotte