Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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'We've got a sizable part of the U.S. population now' Transcript: "We have eight million people signed up through the exchanges. That doesn't include the three...


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[youtube] Although the business owner was able to obtain a restraining order, the ATF was able to obtain an ex-partite order. The ATF then...


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Is it real? Is it digitally fabricated? We don't know but it is definitely worth a two minute watch! Watch video below.


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[youtube] The 2014 Mid Terms are the most critical in America's history.


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"One of the most important vehicles for advancing social change is business," says Ben Rattray, who is CEO and founder of, an online...

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Although "tax evasion" has long been a crime, "minimizing tax liabilities" has long been an accepted part of tax planning and structuring businesses. Now...


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[youtube] If what I outlined in "Could This Have Happened On Flight 370," and if the plane is in the hands of Muslim radicals,...


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[youtube] I believe that when we finally learn of the fate of the Malaysian 777 flight 370 that disappeared, we will ultimately learn that...


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[youtube] How can the Insurance companies survive, when they have lost so many policy holders? The truth is that they can't.

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With the Obamacare window for enrolling is over and miraculously they found 7 million sheep to sign up. Which most are enrolling in Medicaid or have enrolled but not paid the premium.