Thursday, November 27, 2014
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[youtube] Have you noticed that there is little if any talk about ObamaCare? This Administration has us focused on the Veteran's Affairs mess.


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[youtube] What was Hillary Clinton referring to when she made that statement? Was she referring to Benghazi, or was she referring to the state...


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[youtube] What is the "Special Committee" going to uncover, that most Americans who are awake don't already know? The question again, is so what?...

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You won't find an argument to Rove's claim here. We are not fans of Karl Rove but on this subject, his words may be...


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[youtube] Want to know why CBS has been so very silent about the email that Ben Rhodes wrote on 09/14/12 titled Benghazi? Well Ben...


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"If we knew everything then that we know now, one week after it happened, I think that would have been really devastating to ...


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[youtube] WND posted an interesting article about NBC's star, David Gregory. It appears that his show that once led the media is falling to...

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Sharyl Attkisson was one of the few true investigative journalists who remained in Big Media until she recently resigned from CBS News. Now we...

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For a while I’ve been making the argument that Sarah Palin is far more valuable to the conservative movement as a person who gets...

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Late night television changed forever on October 1, 1962 when the late, great Johnny Carson replaced Jack Parr on the Tonight Show. Johnny was...