Thursday, April 17, 2014
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How does that old saying go? Oh, yeah. Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the democrats believe every day is April...

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Here's why Illinois and Chicago pols are so frantic to raise your taxes


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[youtube] The Democrats have passed laws that require only smart-guns be sold. All existing guns will have to be retrofitted to comply and incorporate...


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[youtube] I received a survey from him, which is nothing more than a way for him to try and raise money for his Senate...


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[youtube] The author posted what I read on Western Journalism in response to a video of mine that Western Journalism posted on their site....


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[youtube] ObamaCare eliminates life saving drugs based on price. If you require one of these expensive drugs after having received a transplant you will...


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"Libertarian registration rose 11.4 percent since 2012" Libertarian Party grows while Republican and Democratic parties fall (Examiner) The numbers don't lie and the Libertarian Party is...


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 ‘As someone who grew up in poverty, I know the hard choices facing so many families every night. And as a former small business...


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"We are running on jobs, growth and the economy" House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Democrats - though "embracing" President Obama's Affordable Care Act -...


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"Soon enough there will be questions about "Why are you keeping people from getting health care they need?" Let attacks begin. Republicans are not expanding...