Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Democrats Once Defended Budget Caps, Threatened To Veto Spending That Violated Prior ‘Agreement,’ Now They Want To Spend More   Dem Leaders Fumed: Don’t ‘Violate The...

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Today, Americans for Prosperity announced the launch of significant action in Republican and Democratic districts, calling on members to oppose the Farm Bill, calling...

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President Obama and his party had a bad case of the Mondays. Senate Democrats lost their prized recruit in South Dakota, despite intense effort to clear the path for her. Worse, a new poll showed Gabriel Gomez neck and neck with Ed Markey - who appears to be in danger of letting the Massachusetts Special Election slip away from Democrats. And that was the good news.

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Obamacare: "Nosedive In The Polls" - "Popularity Has Plunged Steadily Since November… Lowest Level Of Support Since It Passed"

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Remember when President Obama prided himself on the desire to get out the red pen and go “line-by-line, page-by-page” through the federal budget to eliminate waste and inefficiency? That was a long time ago. Now, the White House is changing its tune. When it comes to the sequester, “line-by-line” is “piecemeal.” And that’s no way to do business in Washington … at least if you want to hold onto your political leverage for higher taxes.

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On this cloudy Tuesday in the Bay State, voters will head to the polls in the Special Election primary battle. As even the liberal National Memo notes, "As Massachusetts voters have recently seen, regardless of how conservative a Republican candidate may be, he or she should never be discounted.

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Lest there be any doubt about the lefts intentions on Gun Control... Harry Reid this morning referred to the gun-control bill he brought to the Senate floor as “anti-gun legislation.”

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The Massachusetts U.S. Senate GOP primary just got a bit more interesting. Mike Sullivan just released a new ad slamming Gabriel Gomez and calling him an "Obama Republican"

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With the unveiling of President Obama’s “budget” today, the House Republican Conference is out with a new video to exclusively share on your blog. Despite never balancing or dealing with our long-term deficit problems, the President’s proposal today also contains more than $1 trillion in new tax hikes!

8 765   Never let a crisis or military accident go to waste. Majority Leader Harry Reid used the Hawthorne Army Depot accident today that killed 7 Marines...