Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Poor African Americans are starting to "get it" that new giant group of illegal immigrants on the entitlement dole, does not bode well for...

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Remember when Hillary Clinton accused "a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" for her philandering husband's actions? Well usually whatever Leftist/Liberal/Progressive/Collectivists accuse their adversaries of, they...

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Yesterday, in addition to the Hobby Lobby decision, the US Supreme Court also published the Harris decision. In that case, a home healthcare worker...

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Jimmy Carter must be smiling. Even George W. Bush must be pleased after so much Big Media bashing for eight years W. Bush still...


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President Barack Obama is acting like a spoiled brat of late. We have thought of him as a sort of "Urkel" character that has...


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Yes rather than shed a tear for the American peasants pressured under the yolk of the Internal Revenue Service, Representative Elijah Cummings sheds almost...


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Several big differences in news reporting exist now versus when Woodward and Bernstein investigated President Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal. The differences include...


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There is not much coverage of Democratic politicians criticizing President Obama on the national news. It is good to see some criticism of Obama...

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Colorado Governor Hickenlooper apologized to Colorado sheriffs for not consulting with them before signing the historic gun control bills into law last year. Hickenlooper...


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'They've got to have their act together better than that ... this is not a Republican/Democratic problem; this is a separation of powers problem' Transcript: BOLDUAN:...