Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Sheila Jackson Lee represents the 18th Congressional District in Texas and she has a long history of stardom when it comes to the incomprehensible.

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Yes, the Democrats are so outraged, they are talking about the impeachment of Obama more than Republicans are. The only competent thing President Barack...

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Sharon Helman Director of the Phoenix Veterans Administration hospital killed 40 veterans and is still collecting her paycheck.


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Smooth move HBO and "True Blood"! You set yourselves up perfectly for being the punch line of jokes about you and about Democratic voters...

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Good morning folks, This morning a column by the National Journal's Josh Kraushaar explains, "There's plenty of race-by-race evidence to suggest that most contests are trending in a...

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Good morning folks, Democratic Senators clinging to their seats have relied on Harry Reid to save them. Not only has Reid protected them from having to take tough...


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From Barack Obama, to Janet Napolitano, to Harry Reid, a parade of Democrats saying in no uncertain terms that the U.S. Mexico border is...

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Editors Note: This piece was originally posted by Kelly Riddell @ The Washington Times. Re-posted with permission.   Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmental activist who is...

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By Mike Ricci   Another day, another dose of dodgy rhetoric from the White House. Today in Texas, the president's goal was to “contrast his approach with...

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Remember when Hillary Clinton accused "a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" for her philandering husband's actions? Well usually whatever Leftist/Liberal/Progressive/Collectivists accuse their adversaries of, they...