Friday, October 31, 2014
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Are Black American voters finally starting to realize after more than half a century of Democrat leadership in all the most poverty stricken areas...


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Hillary Clinton has proven deft at being a background manipulator but can she really be a lead politician for the Democrats? The only elections...

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These passionate Chicago African-Americans take a hard look at the track record of the Democratic party and say: "ENOUGH"!

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Democrats are desperate this fall. With eight days left before the mid-term election they're frantically working to get their base...

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You'll remember when Barack Obama told small businessmen "You didn't build that..." Hillary Clinton doubled down on that last week.

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Originally broadcast at 10PM ET, October 25 on Italian Tomatoes on Blog Talk Radio! And a special thanks to all the lefty trolls who...

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How desperate are they? Well, they're so desperate to get their uneducatable black base out to the polls they're resorting to arguing that Ferguson will be repeated in Georgia...


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Democrats will tell you that voter fraud just doesn't happen that much and even when it is proven, Democrats deny that voter fraud is...


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It appears that election stealers are so blatant now that they don't even care if they get caught. If this kind of thing continues,...

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Most women don't like weak men. One would think that the President of the United States would be perceived as the "Most Powerful Man...