Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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The U.S. Constitution is about empowering The People not The Government. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution clearly states, "Congress shall make no...

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Good morning folks, The elephants have reason to smile this morning, as it was a good night for Republicans. In an analysis piece for the...

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'What the amendment would do if adopted is give Congress plenary authority, absolute authority, to regulate all political speech' Cruz: 42 Democrats Have Signed On...

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Good morning folks, Just when it began to look as though Senate Democrats' grasp on the majority couldn't get more tenuous, today the Obama Administration's...

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Good morning folks, Over the last few days Democrats have implemented the “lead from behind” strategy when it comes to the health of our veterans and ensuring the...

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Progressives - led by Barack Obama - are changing the world.  You may think they've got problems with the upcoming election, with ObamaCare, with...


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[youtube] Ted Cruz, said that 41 Democrats are attacking the First Amendment. The 2014 Mid-Terms are the most important election in our countries history.

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Good morning folks, Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass said it best. "After keeping his mouth shut on that growing Veterans Affairs scandal for weeks, President...


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I like this guy, Democratic Representative Joe Garcia. He is unscripted and much more truthful than most Democrats. Garcia admits in his statement that...

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Good morning folks, Republicans had a big night. Mitch McConnell won big, even reaching the 60% plateau. In Georgia, voters rallied behind David Perdue and...