Thursday, August 21, 2014
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President Obama and supporters of amnesty repeatedly make the case that amnesty will be a boon for the economy.

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Hey, haven't we been told by Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi and their giddy minions that the U.S. economy is in great shape? That the job...


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Wow! Beware when any politician, especially the President of the United States talks about a "Patriotic Tax" like President Barack Obama does in this...

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Being President has tons of perks. Like being able to play golf any time you want to. Like going on vacation and not having to pay for it...

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Recently I stopped by the local supermarket, and saw bagels beckoning from their display case. They were priced at 59 cents each (50...


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'The president continues to be focused on putting in place additional policies that further protect the private sector' The economy actually contracted by 2.9% and...

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Alternative Administration Affiliated News (AAAN)- Special Report A confidential source close to the Clinton presidential campaign has informed AAAN of their top-secret blueprint to revive...

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A compassionate conservative might well be tempted to feel sorry for Barack Obama lately. Between the firestorm following the Bergdahl decision (aka trading-terrorists-for-deserter)...

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We've lost count, a few years ago, of the number of times President Obama has "pivoted to the economy."  It's a three or four...

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One of the things that made life in the old Soviet Union bearable was the very human trait of circulating jokes that mocked the...