Friday, November 28, 2014
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Elizabeth Warren

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Democrats will now have a fake Cherokee who practiced law without a license in Massachusetts on their leadership team.

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You'll remember when Barack Obama told small businessmen "You didn't build that..." Hillary Clinton doubled down on that last week.

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What is the proper punishment for a sitting U.S. Senator who breaks trust with We the People, violates his/her oath of office and advocates willful...

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Elizabeth Warren is the darling of the far left.  It looks like she may well mount a challenge to the inevitability of Hillary 2016,...

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Administration Affiliated News (AAN)-July 21 The Harvard Endowment For Social Responsibility (HESR), which controls the vast Harvard University empire and the academy's most formidable pool...

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Senator Elizabeth Warren is yet another complete Democratic phony. The Pale Faced Native American who pretends to not be a wealthy elitist is just...


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[youtube] It appears that Valerie Jarrett is spending a great deal of time with Elizabeth Warren. The rumors are that Obama intends to support...

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If anyone thought the 2016 campaign is still on hold and at least a year away, until at least this coming January, after the...

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This article hits the high cost of education "crisis" on its head and uses the illustrious Senator Elizabeth Warren as an example. Well worth reading...

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Elizabeth Warren, Senator Elizabeth Warren, you remember Fauxcahontas, right? When she went to the US Senate her number one priority was the Consumer Financial Protection...