Monday, September 1, 2014
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CNN is in a world of hurt. Their ratings suck. They do well in the ratings race when they can fabricate a story and beat it to death over continuous 24 hour news cycles.

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Just what the people of Ferguson need.

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The New Black Panthers helping out in Ferguson, here's a peaceful demonstration they staged.

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Governor Jay Nixon proved himself yesterday to be probably the most irresponsible governor in the United States.

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We all knew it, and now Eric Holder concedes it: he has instituted fundamental change at the Department of Justice; he is openly and...

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Just when the Obama administration is overloading the American public with scandals, a scandal from a few years back pops back into the spotlight....

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No Democrat voted for it, and five Republican representatives voted against it -- the resolution authorizing Speaker John Boehner to sue President Obama in...

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Many are wondering where the U.S. Federal Government is taking the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant children and adults. This is pertinent because...

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When first hearing the news that the Department of Justice will investigate the IRS missing emails scandal, one might shout, "Finally! The feds are...


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'He said there are a lot of sleepless nights these days' You just know he really means "Tea Party" when Eric Holder, who should be...