Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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Eric Holder

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Eric Holder today announced he was going to resign the office of Attorney General. The big question is why. Another big question is why should Republicans replace him?

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Neither does pretty much anybody else and the Michael Brown fan club is pissed off.

A Politicized Justice Department

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The latest twist to the ever-evolving IRS political targeting scandal, which began over a year ago now, would have been even bigger news this...

Holder: America Has 'Moral Obligation' to Provide Legal Representation to Illegals

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Friday at the Hispanic National Bar Association's 39th annual convention, Attorney General Eric Holder announced grants for "Justice AmeriCorps" to provide legal services for...

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If you've been following the happenings in Ferguson, MO since the shooting of Michael Brown by white cop you'll know that right after The Revs showed up, Eric Holder was on the scene... Immediately after the shooting of Michael Brown by white cop The Revs showed up and Eric Holder was on the scene...

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CNN is in a world of hurt. Their ratings suck. They do well in the ratings race when they can fabricate a story and beat it to death over continuous 24 hour news cycles.

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Just what the people of Ferguson need.

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The New Black Panthers helping out in Ferguson, here's a peaceful demonstration they staged.

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Governor Jay Nixon proved himself yesterday to be probably the most irresponsible governor in the United States.

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We all knew it, and now Eric Holder concedes it: he has instituted fundamental change at the Department of Justice; he is openly and...