Monday, July 28, 2014
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Many are wondering where the U.S. Federal Government is taking the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant children and adults. This is pertinent because...

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When first hearing the news that the Department of Justice will investigate the IRS missing emails scandal, one might shout, "Finally! The feds are...


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'He said there are a lot of sleepless nights these days' You just know he really means "Tea Party" when Eric Holder, who should be...


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Gohmert is also offering an additional $500,000 for information on who destroyed the e-mails Transcript: you think you have to offer a million to get the...

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Bozell: Attorney General Holder Is Obstructing Justice and Must Be Impeached “It is time for the Congress to serve the interest of the people for...


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So many accusations that are actually supportable are made by Ben Shapiro in this short video segment that he better watch his back. As...

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We know this is a shocker, but President Obama's chief law enforcement officer has defied and broken Federal Law again. Nixon said, "If the...


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[youtube] Eric Holder's DOJ started going after businesses that sell guns, and or related products. They did this by asking the Banks to no...


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[youtube] AG Eric Holder had an opportunity to address graduating men and women and he chose to use the time to talk about blacks...


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[youtube] Senator Blumenthal thought that it might be time to have the FBI conduct an investigation into the Veteran's Affairs. AG Eric Holder, when...