Friday, October 31, 2014
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The funny thing is, I remember when Democrats were scaring people in 1994 that if Republicans took control of Congress that school children would...

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This is the way it should be! We applaud the Nashville Police officers who denied Secret Service Agents' request to fake a warrant and...

CAIR Declares Military Vets Allen West, Jerry Boykin 'Islamophobes'

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The upcoming Hausman Memorial Speakers Series' Israel Security Summit, “The Fight for Western Civilization,” to be held Sept. 9 in Stoughton, MA, has caught...

Texas Hospital Fires Employee for Controversial Facebook Post About Ferguson

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HOUSTON, Texas -- Americans across the country have been voicing strong opinions following the recent shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the...

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Congressional candidate Dan Bongino nails it with his Facebook post about the difference between Washington D.C. and the rest of America. Here is his...

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Facebook: Death to zionst baby killer israeli jews.

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Motley Fool analysts Eric Bleeker and Nathan Hamilton digest a series of earnings reports in their second quarter review of tech companies. (See video...


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Smooth move HBO and "True Blood"! You set yourselves up perfectly for being the punch line of jokes about you and about Democratic voters...

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Even after phone calls to tell officials he was going to take exterior photos of "The 7 Ugliest Buildings", at six of the seven...

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The fastest growing demographic of new gun owners and new concealed carry license holders in America is women. More power to them! Nothing "levels...