Friday, November 28, 2014
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Greg Gutfeld is hilariously incisive in his commentary as usual here. The word of the year is "vape"? As in vaporizing instead of smoking by...

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Daily Caller- Veterans Day brings the nation together to celebrate the individuals who give up the comforts of home to protect and serve the...


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This short video only shows a small portion of the "photo-ops" Barack Obama has done as President. Obama is President Photo-Op. Watch the video below.

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Fox Business New’s Jo Ling Kent on reports the government made nearly $100B in improper payments and that Citigroup is close to a multi-billion...


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Most hard working Americans are unfortunately accustomed to having way too much of the money they earn taken away from them by things like...


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This short video is well worth watching! Nancy Pelosi obviously thought that meeting a small group of teenagers would be a beneficial photo op....


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[youtube] Jerry Willis, a guest on FOX News was talking about the incredible number of student loans. She also mentioned that if someone has...


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[youtube] Obama's Administration has proposed setting up a two tier race based system in Hawaii, Wait a minute, did this usurper not ride in...


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[youtube] That being the case, why should the American people be responsible for their healthcare? Obama said that the Military is voluntary, so why...


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[youtube] The American people need to know the truth about Senator John McCain's past, during his period of imprisonment as a guest of the...