Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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In this video, Glen Greenwald, the reporter for The Guardian who broke most of the Edward Snowden stories talks about how previously in American...


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[youtube] WND has a horrific series of video's posted along with an article that talks about the slaughter of innocent Christians, all enemies of...

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I received two articles on Monday referencing the overreach of government. It is amazing to me that Libertarians like me, and Conservatives are up...


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[youtube] The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California is known to lean to the left. Is it possible that the recent 2-1 ruling...


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[youtube] If you are a veteran and have been denied your medication since Obama stole the Oval Office, please do let me know. I...


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[youtube] When the Republicans run a Primary for the Presidential candidate they end up destroying themselves. Running ten candidates dilutes the field and more...

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It’s getting difficult to take any part of Obamacare seriously. The Obama administration has altered or delayed it so many times—who can be sure what...


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[youtube] Based on some of the comments that I received on the decision that Chuck Hagel made moth-balling the A-10 Wart Hog, many Marines...


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[youtube] A Marine is upset that Chuck Hagel elected to moth-ball the A10 Wart Hog  He should know because many owe their lives when...


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[youtube] Obama does what he does, because he knows that there is no one that can stop him.