Thursday, April 24, 2014
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These photos are worth a look. Very interesting to see how things have changed in only about 100 years. From Distractify: The oldest known selfie. (1839) hyperallergic.comRobert...


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State Dept Unable To Name One Accomplishment From A Clinton-Run Initiative (April 22, 2014)  


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[youtube] Obama is trying to convince the American people that all is well with ObamaCare, when the exact opposite is the truth.


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Krauthammer has stopped mincing words and it saying many things that he and other pundits should have said a long time ago. The American...


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[youtube] Since we know that Obama constantly lies, why would anyone believe what he tells us about the number of sign-ups of ObamaCare. What...


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George Will is great at making the complex simple. In this short video, George Will is absolutely right. 'The Debate Is Over' has become...


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President Reagan's Radio Address to the Nation on the Observance of Easter and Passover on April 2, 1983. For more information on the ongoing works...


263 6353 Description: In this clip, Michelle Obama goes ballistic in her racial hatred. First she demeans African-American saying they have a Black Inferiority Complex and...


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[youtube] Obama has committed treason countless times, yet nothing has ever been done about any of it! Will he destroy America, or will he...


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How many times can President Obama claim he is "pivoting to jobs" or "pivoting to the economy" before people call him on how fake...