Thursday, September 18, 2014
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It must be pure coincidence that seven, yes seven, hard drives were destroyed and unable to have emails retrieved from them right? Sure, nothing...

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We all know that the Internal Revenue Service "losing" emails is a big lie. A lawyer for the IRS has already admitted that even...

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The Internal Revenue Service has proven to be a devious self-serving, ever expanding, Federal Agency that is out to get certain Americans who don't...


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I guess George Will is getting an audit next year! In his soft spoken fashion, Will, skewers the Internal Revenue Service as the most...


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Seems the Internal Revenue Service just can't help itself -- targeting is in its Obama-energized DNA. From targeting Tea Party and other conservative

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This story should bother anyone who supports the U.S. Constitution or even the basic unalienable right of freedom of speech and thought. Even Atheist...

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What a piece of work is the head of the Internal Revenue Service. John Koskinen clearly thinks he's off limits to GOP congressional investigators...

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Could the tide actually be turning against President Obama in the major media and even at MSNBC?

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IRS Commissioner John Koskinen can run (his mouth) but can't hide from Republican House Representative Jim Jordan... WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Champaign County GOP Rep. Jim...

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We love Trey Gowdy, in a manly sort of way, because he comes to the party very well prepared, and he knows where he...