Saturday, August 30, 2014
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John Oliver ripped President Obama a new one this week over his decision to bomb Iraq.

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There is something about Middle East leaders who are "democratically" elected by the people who have faith in the Constitution which created that elected...


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This video is further proof that everything that comes out of Barack Obama's mouth is a lie. Now you can see he didn't mean...

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It was bad intelligence. That's what it was. It was "unexpected."


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Maybe Meet the Press host David Gregory is trying to save his job -- maybe that helps to explain Gregory's uncharacteristic grilling of Obama...

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From our good friends at CNS News! "Christianity in Mosul is dead, and a Christian holocaust is in our midst," said Mark Arabo, a Californian...

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Blah blah blah. There is an old expression I learned so many years ago: Empty barrels make the most noise. On Saturday morning, Barry proved...

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All politics are local.  That has been the mantra for every President forever. Even for this President.  EXCEPT.... The recent NBC/WSJ Poll revealed that President...

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John Kerry, our Secretary of State, had a tough weekend as our Chief Diplomat.

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President Obama is contemplating military strikes as the murderous proto-state ISIS continues its rampage through the northern and western sections of the country (New...