Thursday, August 28, 2014
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In this short video, Brigitte Gabriel addresses a Muslim American woman's question (really a statement) about how to "win" and ideological war against Islamic...


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[youtube] The interim president in Egypt cancelled six presidential decrees that president Mohammed Morsi granted. Those decrees, resulted in the release of 52 Islamists,...


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[youtube] With a new president being elected in Egypt, the fate of Mohammed Mosri appears to have been sealed. Morsi has four separate charges...


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[youtube] The media reported that Boko Haram wants to trade the prisoners that the Nigerian Military captured who are Boko Haram Members, for the...


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[youtube] The talking heads on The Five discussed the Nigerian schoolgirls that were kidnapped last week. Does anyone believe that a single girl out...


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[youtube] Radical extremist Muslim Clerics justify their homosexual desired for the sake of Jihad, as a path to martyrdom. Once again,ISLAM was designed to...

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Tony Blair's speech subject was 'Why the Middle East matters'. Blair was surprisingly candid for a Liberal Progressive talking about political realities. Most Liberal...


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[youtube] The Defense argued that the trial Judges were not impartial and that being the case, their client, Mohammed Morsi, and the other 140...


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[youtube] I believe Islam to be a cult and not a religion, yet over 1.5 billion Muslim's believe otherwise. It seems that many Muslim's...

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Islamists set upon homes and churches, shops and schools as Christians were scapegoated for supporting the military ouster of Mohamed Morsi as...