Friday, August 22, 2014
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At a press conference, White House SpokesWeasel Joshua Earnest couldn't answer a simple question.  White House Press Correspondent Ed Henry from Fox News had...


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'There is nothing that we do, or we did, that is different from what the Reagan White House' Jay Carney Denies the Fact that Obama's...

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A new development that a Benghazi suspect has been captured by U.S. Special Operations Forces. This suspect may be the ringleader. The video is...


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[youtube] Obama announced that ah, he accepted, the ah, resignation of ah, Jay Carney, ah! Take away Obama's TelePromPter and this is what you...

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There were so many lies told by President Obama's outgoing Press Secretary Jay Carney, that it is extremely difficult to narrow them down to...

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But never fear, Baghdad Bob will take Carney's Place:

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It's about damn time! From USA Today: WASHINGTON -- President Obama said Friday that White House press secretary Jay Carney will be stepping down from his...


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[youtube] According to Jay Carney, Obama was unaware of the secret lists at the Veteran's Affairs until he saw a report of the problem...


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[youtube] Obama prefers to insulate himself by not knowing of any of the many scandals that unfolded during his presidency. He denied having known...

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There are times when a writer draws a blank, unable to find the inspiration in his usual suspects. For me, I have a plethora...