Friday, July 25, 2014
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Speaker Boehner told the President that no immigration legislation would go to the floor of the House this year. That caused President Obama to...

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On Monday night, I was planning to write a commentary about the violation of the Constitution our Dearless Leader (with apologies to Kim Jung...


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How do you know when President Barack Obama is lying? His lips are moving! Every word that comes out of this man's mouth is a...

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Proponents of the Export-Import Bank tout the agency as a champion of small businesses, but Rep. Andy Barr, R-Ky., yesterday challenged that claim during...


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[youtube] What Judge does the Speaker think will sign a legal complaint against Obama? Sadly, I do not believe that there is one.

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Not shedding any tears here, just kind of amazed. Cantor spent about $1 MILLION dollars compared to the less than $100,000 spent by his...

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The President has turned his attention to jobs and is back in the "jobs created / jobs saved" mode. The problem is that he's...

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There are times when a writer draws a blank, unable to find the inspiration in his usual suspects. For me, I have a plethora...


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[youtube] Changes need to be made, and they need to be made now. American Spring, it appears, has fallen far short of its intended objectives,...

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Barack Obama is a mist. He appears from nowhere and isn’t able to really be defined. Immigration reform is probably the one issue that defines...