Monday, September 1, 2014
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Keystone Pipeline

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The US is experiencing an unprecedented boom in energy production in both oil and gas. Oil production has increased by 70% since 2008...


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Good morning folks, Last year, Mary Landrieu told anyone who would listen that she is "indispensable" to Louisiana.  That was, of course, until she buckled...

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Hypocrisy? From President Obama and his Administration? How could that be?! The Liberal Progressive ideology is based on the denial of reality which is...

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Senator Harry Reid pegs the hypocrisy meter. When Senator Reid isn't criticizing his favorite targets lately, The Koch Brothers, for "buying America", he is...

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Senator Harry Reid manages to stop accusing the Koch Brothers of "trying to buy America" long enough to accept a $5 MILLION DOLLAR check...

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‘Keystone XL ... Is Not Included In The Dashboard’   “Obama will announce that his government is expanding a ‘dashboard’ used to track schedules for permits...


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Boehner Slams Senate for Blocking House Jobs Bills

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Good morning folks, It's been a tough week for Democrats. First, Kay Hagan and Harry Reid wound up facing the candidate they feared most, Thom...

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Good morning folks, Poll after poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly support constructing the Keystone XL pipeline between Canada and the United States by a 3:1...

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Good morning folks, Another dreary day in Washington brings more bad news for Democrats. Just last year, Democrats insisted that the economy would outweigh ObamaCare...