Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Minimum wage

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In Big Labor's push to unionize fast food workers the workers will soon find that there is a reason they are not paid more...


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[youtube] Obama has put the wheels in motion to stir up millions of Americans His purpose in doing so is to get as many...

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We frequently accuse progressives of being “low information” kind of people. In our digital travels lately we’ve come to the conclusion that “low information”...


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[youtube] I believe Obama, the"Community Organizer" is responsible for the turmoil that is taking place in countries around the Globe. He lit the fuse...

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We already know that touch screen machines will take our orders and money at many fast food retaurants even without a government forced $10.10...

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Once again we see the strange logic (or lack thereof) of Liberal Progressives. Lib Progs are leading the charge for Federally mandated higher minimum...

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The people striking for a $15 dollar per hour minimum wage, if successful are going to put themselves right out of a job. To...

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wants Congress to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, and this morning she tweeted this cartoon by Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle to make her case: Get it? American businessmen are rich, fat, loud, and eeeevil. Workers, by contrast, are polite and meek.

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The Democrats’ Minimum Wage Proposal Could Eliminate Up To A Million Jobs   Survey: Most Americans Call Job Losses ‘Unacceptable’ Tradeoff   CBO STUDY: “Once fully implemented in...

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Today is “Equal Pay Day” for those who believe that The Man is keeping women down. Convincing people that injustice is taking place is a...