Monday, September 1, 2014
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Gov. Tom Corbett called requiring voters to produce photo ID "sensible and reasonable" as he announced Pennsylvania is dropping its legal fight over its...


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[youtube] McCain came out and said that he does not intend to run for the Oval Office in 2016, but he feels the pulse...


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Not only did my premium go up,” this 91-year-old New York gentleman notes, “but my coverage went down.” He’s not a health policy expert or...

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The major media owes both Romney and Palin an apology as well, and we won’t be waiting for that apology from either the media...


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It really only takes "Little Chrissy Mathews" opening his mouth to prove how imbecilic he is but this flashback video of  a MSNBC panel...


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[youtube] I received an article that said that Mitt Romney was the lead contender in Iowa, followed by Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and Chris...

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MSNBC's president apologized to the U.S. Republican National Committee chief for an insulting Twitter message and said the person who sent it was fired. RNC...


5 2442 Gov. Mitt Romney joins Jimmy Fallon and the Roots to slow jam the news.

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WASHINGTON - Republican leaders, forced to regroup after losing another race for the White House, are considering significantly shortening the lengthy, bruising state-by-state process...

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Liberal Democrats and Establishment Republicans have been foretelling of the death of the Tea Party ever since early 2009, shortly after the movement began....