Thursday, November 27, 2014
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“The top Republican on the Budget Committee said Thursday that the Senate Democratic budget proposal is based on accounting gimmicks, double-counts spending cuts, and raises taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars more than advertised.

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After Private WH Meeting, Liberal Leaders ‘Came Away Convinced That The White House Would Ultimately Prove Willing To Go Over The Fiscal Cliff’   Liberal Leaders...

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  Left Eyes Cliff As Opportunity ‘Emboldened Liberals’ Are Prepared To Jump The Cliff & Trigger ‘A Significant Recession’ Because They Think It Would Give Them...

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Will Democrats Dial Back Their Plan To ‘Plunge Off The Fiscal Cliff’ As CBO Turns Up The Heat On Consequences?   CBO Projects ‘Significant Recession,’ ‘Jobless...

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As ‘Concerns About The Fiscal Cliff Are Reaching New Heights,’ Some Dems Are Splitting With Their Leadership’s Threat To Go Over It   Senate Dem: ‘Cliff...

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From ReasonTV: Charles Murray, one of America's most influential social policy thinkers, has come out with a widely discussed new book called Coming Apart: The...

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From The Hill: Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) denied rumors she had discussed Maine's open Senate race with former Maine Gov. Angus...