Sunday, November 23, 2014
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When Nancy Pelosi keeps illustrating through examples how mentally limited she is, what does that say about the people who keep voting to re-elect...


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If it weren't for their arsenal of "isms", Democrats would have few, if any, real weapons against those of us who oppose their progressive...


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This video is part explanation from Representative Tom Marino (PA-10) about what happened when Nancy Pelosi broke decorum and chased Marino while wagging her finger...


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It's still the talk of the town...and beyond - Nancy Pelosi's unhinged "how dare you" display on the floor of the House. Confronting, then...

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People have observed the actions and speech of Nancy Pelosi and commented that she must be losing mental capacity mostly as a joke. More...

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Rep. Tom Marino strikes a nerve in Nancy Pelosi who, in a major breach of decorum in the House is shouting across the Well at Marino.

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How dare anyone cross the Cali Queen of Mean, Nancy Pelosi? How dare any "insignificant" congressman criticize the former Speaker in front of her...

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No Democrat voted for it, and five Republican representatives voted against it -- the resolution authorizing Speaker John Boehner to sue President Obama in...


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We all know that the Cali Queen of Mean, Nancy Pelosi, can't pass up a chance to bash and trash Republicans. No matter the...

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Well, I've got to say we called it. We said in a post last week (Here It Comes! Impeachment Talk by WH Aide Marks...