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Nat Geo - Biologist Craig Packer has headed the Serengeti Lion Project since 1978. The director of the Lion Research Center and Distinguished McKnight University Professor at the University of...

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How Should We Respond When Humans and Sharks Collide? As vacationers head to the beach this holiday weekend, an expert says communities are taking a...

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This husband-and-wife team spent six years living alongside a pack of wolves in order to reveal the majestic, social, and intelligent nature of these...

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Nat Geo - You're looking at a live webcam featuring a bald eagle nest in Washington, D.C. The nest is home to a bald...

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----- In 1960 Joseph Kittinger jumped from an open-air gondola 18.5 miles high wearing a duct-taped suit. He set a record for the highest jump...

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When they're not playing, polar bear cubs learn under the watchful eye of their mother. Watch the Video! -----

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Photograph by Joel Sartore The wolf is the largest member of the dog family. With thick, shaggy hair and a bushy tail, it looks a...

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Great Pyramid and Sphinx, Giza Photograph by Hans Hildenbrand, National Geographic Men on camelback ride past the Sphinx and Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. Lincoln Memorial, Washington,...

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