Friday, August 22, 2014
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By Sharyl Attkisson More than 600 convicted criminals, including felons, were among thousands of illegal immigrants freed under the Obama administration in advance...

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‘These reports that hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians have been killed are tragic’ TODD: “I want to turn now to Israel. How would you characterize...

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That's right, the so-called "paper of record" is declaring war on people of faith, especially practicing Christians and Muslims.


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Megyn pretty well says it all.

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President Obama's fundamental governing philosophy seems to be "Never let a crisis go to waste."  That was Rahm Emmanuel's statement in the first year...

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So to speak.  Sam Kass is the Obama administration's senior policy advisor for nutrition policy.  In other words, Michelle's meal planner for school lunches. ...

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When Time Magazine (no conservative magazine) is calling out President Obama and his Administration for its blatant suppression of The Press, it must be...


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This lady goes on an epic rant against illegal immigrants being permitted to enter the United States. She is ranting because she "gets it"...

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Yesterday during the Rush Limbaugh show a caller produced a startling claim. ANN:  Great.  Well, we have some interesting news.  My husband Eddie is on...


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'We’re going to do something about the Hobby Lobby legislation we need to correct' Reid Promises Hobby Lobby Legislation: ‘We’re Going to Do Something’ about It (National...