Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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You know what, if I were Lois Lerner, I would not only plead the fifth, I would flee the country, have face-changing plastic surgery,...


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In an interview with The Hill, Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) tried to bash her Republican colleagues. Instead -- in my opinion -- she offered a...

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President Obama can say he isn't going to grant amnesty to thousands of illegal alien children flooding over the border with their families, but he's lying.

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A lot of politicians and pundits make decisions and make money following or commenting on polls and surveys. But what value, really, do these measures...

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Hey, haven't we been told by Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi and their giddy minions that the U.S. economy is in great shape? That the job...

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It was a sobering speech on the Senate floor Monday, a stark reminder of the consequences of letting Barack Obama use his executive pen...


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Wow! Beware when any politician, especially the President of the United States talks about a "Patriotic Tax" like President Barack Obama does in this...

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Okay, what planet is the President of the United States living on? Islamatopia? In a statement from the Obama White House, marking the end of...

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Hear US Senator James Inhofe out the fact that there's an uncontested assault on our border because of President Obama's open invitation that caused it...

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Well, I've got to say we called it. We said in a post last week (Here It Comes! Impeachment Talk by WH Aide Marks...