Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Networks Reported Bush 2006 Low Approval Numbers 13 Times More Than Obama’s 2014 Numbers

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According to a study released by the Media Research Center last week, the network evening newscasts have been reluctant to report on President Barack...

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The law of unintended consequences is seen every time central planning of an economy is tried. With President Obama, the law of unintended consequences...

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All those young college age Obama voters must be realizing that they made a mistake (probably 2) by now right? Probably not. As usual,...

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This legacy of Barack Obama's is scary indeed! Despite the talk of Republicans obstructing and filibustering to prevent Obama appointees the number of judges...

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Liberal/Progressivism would be nothing without hypocrisy! Here is yet another example of "do as I say, not as I do." Every vote that Barack...

Obama As ISIS Adviser?

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In a somewhat bizarre snippet from a New York Times account of Obama's prelude to war with ISIS, we find this strange bit of...

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President Barack Obama dithers in an endless seminar, as is his wont, about the best approach to counter the obscene proto-state of ISIS. ...

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The fact that Obama is a weak Liberal Progressive who's policies just plain don't work (like all Lib/Prog policies) leaves even Democrats with a...

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Leaders are not elected. Politicians are elected. Their election in turn provides politicians with the opportunity to become leaders. You don’t become a leader by...

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Grabien takes a look at the reaction to Obama’s ISIS strategy from Democrat lawmakers and liberal media figures http://youtu.be/dwSGXdq7Za0