Saturday, November 22, 2014
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When Jon Stewart lambasts a Liberal/Progressive President like Barack Obama, you know the President has overstepped his bounds. After Obama declared at least 22...

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In the wake of their enormous mid-term election losses, Democratic pols and their fans in the mainstream media are scratching their heads to determine...

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The labels 'Restrictive' and 'Dangerous' are being applied to the Obama Administration not by just any random reporter, but by the Washington D.C. Bureau...

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You'll remember when Barack Obama told small businessmen "You didn't build that..." Hillary Clinton doubled down on that last week.

Three New Ads Hit Michelle Nunn in Georgia Senate Race

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The Ending Spending Action Fund has upped the ante in Georgia with a new $1.3 million ad buy, hitting Democrat Michelle Nunn across three...

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This is not surprising at all. Valerie Jarrett is "the power behind the throne" in the Obama Administration. It is not a stretch at...

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Eleven days to go and Democrats are going ugly - desperately trying to frighten their base and inflame racial divides. In North Carolina, after a Sunday...

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President Obama and Harry Reid Are Counting On Greg Orman To Keep Control Of The U.S. Senate Arlington, VA – Freedom Partners Action Fund, a free-market...

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Every election has rumbles of an "October Surprise" and this year is no different. Well, there is one difference this year...

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For supposedly being so masterful at the art of fluff and optics to get elected, Barack Obama sure is bad lately at those exact...